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Vikram Vij

Author, Chef and Co-owner of Vij’s and Rangoli restaurants and owner of My Shanti restaurant

Vikram Vij is the award-winning co-owner of the highly successful Vancouver restaurants Vij’s and Rangoli. He also owns My Shanti restaurant in South Surrey, BC. As well, he and Meeru are co-authors of two books on Indian food: Vij’s Elegant and Inspired Indian Cuisine, and Vij’s At Home, Relax Honey. He is the creator of his own-name brand frozen meals, Vij’s At Home that are available in the frozen food section of many Canadian retailers.

Heading Back to My Culinary Roots in Banff

A bowl of spicy stew got me into the kitchens of an historic hotel known around the world. I sometimes still can't believe it, but I am so grateful that it happened. My career certainly would have gone in a different direction. Instead, Ivor became my mentor and showed me how running a business is as much about creating an experience as it is about a product.
04/23/2015 05:36 EDT
Dragons' Den

Taking a Leap From the Kitchen to the Dragons' Den

On October 15, I make my debut on CBC's Dragons' Den as one of two new members of the Dragons team. I'm very proud to be included in such an incredibly illustrious line-up of respected business people and to take my place alongside them on such a great show.
10/07/2014 12:40 EDT
Vikram Vij

What I Would Change About Ethnic Food In Canada

Since I came to Canada in 1989, it's been very important to me to spread the word of Indian cuisine to as many people as possible. I think it is gaining momentum, but attitudes towards ethnic food, and the boundaries around the way it is presented, still need to evolve.
06/23/2013 11:28 EDT
Vikram Vij

Cooking Live With Vikram Vij: Chicken Coconut Curry

On Thursday June 6, at 6 p.m. PST, anyone around the world will be able to take part in a live-streamed cooking class with me. This idea came about because of my belief in families cooking and eating together. Cook Live With Vikram Vij is an invitation to you, to try and have one home-cooked family meal together this week. So I am inviting you!
06/06/2013 12:12 EDT

How Anthony Bourdain Made Us Eat As a Family

I have made a special effort in the past few years, to make time to sit down with my family, to eat together. It's not exactly easy and I know for many people, life, work and the daily grind get in the way. But I also know that it is very important for the survival of the traditional family.
02/21/2013 05:31 EST