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Vitaly Pecherskiy

Co-founder and COO of StackAdapt, software to helps brands accelerate customer acquisition. One of Marketing Magazine's 30 Under 30.

Vitaly Pecherskiy is co-founder and COO of StackAdapt, the world’s largest platform for branded content distribution. Prior to StackAdapt he worked at AdParlor and Xaxis, WPP's programmatic trading arm. He was recently featured in Marketing Magazine’s annual 30 Under 30 list, and regularly contributes to online publications including AdExchanger, Business2Community and Digiday.
Identity Crisis Is Killing So Many Service

Identity Crisis Is Killing So Many Service Startups

With a ride home at our fingertips, we now expect food, accommodations, even dates via the swipe of a finger, and hundreds of companies around the world have attempted to capitalize on a generation of consumers willing to pay a premium for "right here, right now" service. But after billions of dollars were poured into this hyper-growth industry, we are beginning to see some of these companies surrender. Here's why.
06/05/2017 04:59 EDT
The Future Of Media Trading Is No Trading At

The Future Of Media Trading Is No Trading At All

Current advertising and media trading platforms are designed to allow buyers ultimate flexibility. While this sounds like an effective strategy, users run into issues when these platforms inevitably fail to understand the brand's business model and therefore fail to provide true value. In the attempts to accommodate everyone, they accommodate no one, and audience discovery methods remain primitive at best.
02/17/2017 08:22 EST
How To Boost Your Startup's Culture Next

How To Boost Your Startup's Culture Next Year

Startup culture has become somewhat of a cliché: ping pong tables, bean bag chairs, unlimited snacks. But snacks do not make a culture. These surface items mean nothing if they do not reflect a deeper satisfaction within the work place. So, how can burgeoning startups dig deep and ensure engaged employees and a positive environment?
10/20/2016 12:34 EDT
The Future Of Advertising Is Content 'Performance'

The Future Of Advertising Is Content 'Performance' Marketing

As content-driven initiatives start moving down the funnel, we'll see more brands invest in value-adding strategies to connect with consumers. Content's non-interruptive delivery through native advertising creates a better user experience on the web and slows the ad blocking trend.
07/07/2016 01:15 EDT
How Are Brands And Agencies Measuring The ROI Of

How Are Brands And Agencies Measuring The ROI Of Content?

As the digital revolution continues to transform the way in which companies market their products to consumers, brands and agencies are facing a whole new set of challenges previously unencountered in the industry. There remains industry-wide confusion as to how to effectively track the success metrics of both content and content distribution.
05/17/2016 01:06 EDT
5 Digital Advertising Predictions For

5 Digital Advertising Predictions For 2016

The world of online advertising is complex and ever-changing, but it's also exciting and filled with promise. As innovation in advertising technology continues to evolve, old-hat tactics, such as direct response marketing, are quickly becoming obsolete. Here's a list of digital marketing predictions set to reshape the online advertising landscape in 2016.
12/15/2015 11:52 EST