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Vivien Chang

Contributor, Maclean's On Campus

Vivien Chang is a recent University of British Columbia graduate. Her works have appeared in Maclean's and The American Spectator.
Is it time for Glee's Final

Is it time for Glee's Final Curtain?

With the old cast members (mostly) out of the picture by the beginning of Season Four, Glee lost a lot of its lustre. The new cast consists of mediocre singers and bland characters whose storylines we care little about. I am still curious about Rachel's Broadway adventures, but with almost everything I love about the show gone, perhaps it's time for closure.
10/16/2013 12:37 EDT
Remembering 9/11 as a

Remembering 9/11 as a Millennial

For most Millennials, life thus far is divided into two distinct components: pre-9/11 and post-9/11. At the dividing line lies the first news report on the radio or the phone call in which the person on the other end said, "Turn on the TV." 9/11 forced us to grow up overnight, and growing up was not all that it's cracked up to be.
09/11/2013 05:34 EDT
Grouse Grind Record 'Took Blood, Sweat, and

Grouse Grind Record 'Took Blood, Sweat, and Tears'

Oliver Bibby decided to make the record-breaking attempt merely five days before the event. Once he made the decision, however, he began loading up on carbohydrate-rich foods and made sure he had a 3-day tapering period, during which he cut back on training and caught up on sleep. His effort has raised more than $3,200 so far, with all proceeds going to the B.C. Children's Hospital through "Grind for Kids". His goal had been $600.
08/21/2013 12:05 EDT