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Wab Kinew

Post Media News says he is one of “9 Aboriginal movers and shakers you should know”. hip hop musician, author, and broadcaster.

Wabanakwut Kinew is a Canadian hip hop musician, public speaker, broadcaster, and university administrator, best known as a host of programming on CBC Radio and CBC Television. He has a BA in Economics and is a member of the Midewin.

If You Can Make A Difference, Then You Should

It is through these examples that I understand leadership -- that it is about service, about helping those in need and about doing the right thing, not for some reward, but simply because it is the right thing to do. As I look around at my province I see other examples of leadership and service.
03/07/2016 02:39 EST

Why Canada Still Needs the Assembly of First Nations

Some are criticizing First Nations leaders for not accepting the proposed Bill C-33 and its increased funding. Others are questioning whether the AFN has past its "best before" date. Dissolving the AFN is not the right course of action. There is clearly a need for a national organization for First Nations people: in the year 2014 First Nations people still have to negotiate for equality.
05/07/2014 12:45 EDT

Honour the Apology: Fasting for My Father, a Residential School Survivor

I was at my childhood home on the reserve when I heard the news -- my father and uncles were likely part of one of these "nutritional experiments," and one with clearly adverse side-effects at that. I felt as though a little piece of history reached out and punched me in the gut. Some friends and I have put out a call to Canadians to shed some of this negativity by uniting across cultural and religious lines. We are calling our gatherings (to be held today at noon) "Honour The Apology." To be clear, the Residential School era is not just "Native history." It is Canadian history. It is OUR history.
07/25/2013 08:25 EDT

Idle No More Is Not Just an "Indian Thing"

What is "Idle No More"? To me this conversation is more than just an "Indian Thing." It is one that Canadians of all backgrounds should pay attention to, if not participate in. The ideals that are underlying this action are ones to which we all aspire, even if we may disagree on how exactly to pursue them.
12/17/2012 12:31 EST