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Ward Draper

Pastor at The 5 and 2 Ministries in Abbotsford, BC.

Pastor Ward Draper is the Founder and Executive Director of The 5 and 2. Ward is a married to Lana and they have three children. Ward studied at Providence University College from 1999 to 2003 receiving his Bachelors of Arts in Biblical Studies. His portfolio continues to grow and includes publishing credits, articles, documentaries, conference speaking, college and university lectures, radio, and more. Ward keeps himself busy on the streets and in the boardrooms he is an active member of several boards, tables, working groups, and committees all aimed at social and community development. It is by this continual involvement on various levels that Pastor Ward is able to bring the voice of the marginalized into multiple areas where those voices are not too often heard.
When Will The Cries Of Abbotsford's Homeless Be

When Will The Cries Of Abbotsford's Homeless Be Heard?

Our civic government voted against the rezoning application from Abbotsford Community Services -- a rezoning application necessary to bring a 20-bed housing facility to life. The project, aimed at getting men who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless into a safe and supported environment, was burned to the ground by egos, pipe dreams, and private agendas. Why must our leaders be so consistently blind to the call of justice and mercy? Why must our city consistently violate and victimize the humans living in our alleys and ditches?
02/18/2014 10:13 EST
The Homeless Deserve Compassion, Not

The Homeless Deserve Compassion, Not Condemnation

The multiple tragedies faced by individuals living on the margins are further complicated by homelessness, which is in itself disempowering, painful, destructive, and unpredictable. It is in this pandemonium that there is little opportunity to reclaim personhood, control and clarity which is necessary to make healthier and richer decisions. They are barely recognized as persons let alone seen as having the capacity to make choice. There is so little our friends on the streets can take responsibility for nor are they even given many opportunities to claim responsibility.
10/21/2013 01:00 EDT
Homelessness: A National

Homelessness: A National Crisis

Homelessness is a national crisis. It affects every Canadian directly. It is time to be bold and courageous, to seek out alternative solutions and radical options. We must take risks and find new ways to work together to bring our nation to a better place where everyone is valued and cared for regardless of circumstance or choice.
09/23/2013 02:05 EDT
How Should We Deal With Homeless Camps in

How Should We Deal With Homeless Camps in Abbotsford?

Little to no remedies or solutions for the residents of Abbotsford at the very bottom our city's ladder have been realized or developed. The proposed solutions, the reports, and dialogue regarding the most marginalized continually seems to fall on deaf ears. It is not easy, but it is imperative that real hard actions be taken.
08/01/2013 05:21 EDT