Glen McGregor asks female MPs if they expense their hair products, not what they are

Back in June, McGregor -- formerly of Frank Magazine, presently of the Ottawa Citizen -- asked MP Eve Adams about expensing hair-care products during the last election. Adams responded (smartly, I thought) on Twitter, and out in the open. Later, McGregor decided to ask another MP, Michelle Rempel -- who, like Adams, is young, telegenic, Conservative and female.
08/14/2013 05:56 EDT

Christie Blatchford's Column on Rehtaeh is Hateful Garbage

Christie Blatchford column today on Rehtaeh Parsons, today, is hateful garbage. Essentially, Blatchford writes an entire column -- without one named source, without any sources at all, in fact -- to seemingly promote the notion that Rehtaeh Parsons wanted to get raped, and that the police were right not to do anything about it.
04/26/2013 05:51 EDT