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WaterAid Canada

Fighting global poverty through access to clean water and sanitation.

WaterAid Canada is a member of WaterAid, the world’s largest international non-profit dedicated exclusively to helping the world’s poorest people gain long-term access to safe drinking water, toilets and effective hygiene education.
WaterAid Canada

In Perfect Harmony: A Song For Mothers Around The World

The song was being sung in Malagasy, Madagascar's national language. I kept hearing the word 'mama' repeated, so I immediately ran to our translator and asked her what they were singing. She said they were singing a traditional song, a song about their mothers. It all felt so surreal. Time was moving slowly.
05/11/2017 03:31 EDT

Finding Toilets In India: Google To The Rescue?

But India is seemingly entering a golden age of sanitation. Airwaves and public spaces across the country are inundated with messages urging everyone to keep their surroundings clean, build toilets and help end open defecation. Governments across the country are on a mission to build millions of toilets to make India open defecation free by 2019.
03/03/2017 01:06 EST
WaterAid/ Eliza Powell

The Hardest Place To Find An Urban Toilet On Earth

As cities expand the numbers of urbanites living without basic sanitation has swelled by 26 million since the year 2000. An estimated 100 million of these have no choice but to defecate in the open -- using roadsides, railway tracks and even plastic bags dubbed 'flying toilets'. Our report exposes several countries for failing to make progress in providing urban sanitation, despite rapid economic growth.
11/18/2016 07:26 EST