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Wave Vidmar


Wave began kayaking at the age of 12 and has continued to push the boundaries of the sport ever since. Prior to the 2012 Seaward Pacific Expedition, Wave was best known for his solo and unsupported trek to the North Pole. For nearly two months he skied and swam, setting several worlds records.

Today Wave makes his home in Augusta, Georgia, and when he's not on an adventure, he's planning and training for one. His next adventures are back-to-back solo ocean rowing expeditions across the North Atlantic Ocean, as well as other groundbreaking sea kayaking expeditions.

As I Kayak to Hawaii, I'll Be Sleeping With The Sharks

As I prepare for my kayaking trip from San Francisco to Hawaii, my pseudo-brother says "you know you'll be in the Red Triangle, don't you? It's where all the Great White Sharks are!" I count out how far I might paddle in it and realize I'll be sleeping with the sharks for two or three days. My mind races, I imagine what my kayak might look like from the sea below. Will I be tasty? Or even tempting?
10/16/2012 05:12 EDT
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I'm Kayaking from San Fran to Hawaii and Yeah, I'm Scared

I'm patiently awaiting my launch onto the Pacific, on a solo 3,100 mile, 45-65 day odyssey from the San Francisco Bay Area to Hawaii. Am I afraid of what I will face out on the Pacific Ocean, alone, up to 50-foot waves, potentially being run over at night by large ships, in a tiny kayak? Of course! But it's called F.E.A.R. -- Forget Everything And Relax!
08/01/2012 05:13 EDT

Why Am I Risking My Life for a Boat Ride?

In a few days, I will begin a long, arduous, dangerous journey. Solo, unsupported, no additional assistance, resupply or shadow boat, I will kayak solo from San Francisco to Hawaii. 3,100 miles, 45 to 65 days, battling giant waves, killer great white sharks, and all that Mother Nature will throw at me. Why am I doing this?
07/18/2012 08:17 EDT