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Wayne Wachell

Wayne Wachell, the "father of fossil-free investing," is the CEO and chief investment officer of Vancouver-based Genus Capital, the investment management firm behind Genus Fossil Free, Canada's first suite of fossil-free funds.

CEO & Chief Investment Officer (Founding Partner)

Wayne co-founded Genus in 1989 and is the architect of the firm’s investment process. He directs our research and investment operations and the development of new products.

Wayne grew up in northern Manitoba, attended the University of Alberta, and first entered the investment field as a portfolio analyst with Alberta Treasury in 1980.

Wayne is a past president of the Vancouver Society of Financial Analysts and has appeared as a market commentator on CBC Newsworld. Wayne serves on the Board of the Bill Reid Foundation and also mentors students in the University of British Columbia Portfolio Management Foundation program.
Fossil Fuel Divestment Brings Us Closer To A Clean Energy

Fossil Fuel Divestment Brings Us Closer To A Clean Energy Future

As concerns about the impacts of climate change mount, the movement among investors to divest from fossil fuels is gathering momentum. Divestment -- the opposite of investment -- refers to ditching investments that are unethical, harmful or morally questionable.
05/19/2017 01:33 EDT