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Will Braun

Former Editor, Geez Magazine

Will Braun is the former editor of <a href="" rel="nofollow">Geez magazine</a>. Based in Winnipeg, Canada, he now writes for a range of religious and irreligious publications in Canada and the U.S.
Why Did the Government Cut a Program That Stopped Sex Offenders From

Why Did the Government Cut a Program That Stopped Sex Offenders From Reoffending?

The Circles of Support and Accountability model matches released high-risk sex offenders with three to five volunteers who generally meet weekly to offer support, friendship and no-nonsense accountability. Two per cent of CoSA participants sexually reoffended over the three years following release from prison, compared to 28 percent among similar populations not enrolled in the program.
03/31/2015 05:51 EDT
Harper, Stop Fighting Aboriginal Peoples and Learn to

Harper, Stop Fighting Aboriginal Peoples and Learn to Share

The failure to grant aboriginal peoples the dignity and opportunity of a land base also comes at a tremendous cost -- economic, social and moral. It is the cost of an entirely unacceptable status quo. Aboriginal rights are complicated and often poorly understood by Canadians, but behind the intricate issues of rights, title and treaties is the essential notion of sharing. Change is required. That change can come through arduous, adversarial court battles or through a more co-operative nation-building process.
07/04/2014 05:23 EDT
Why Is Question Period Full of Fifth

Why Is Question Period Full of Fifth Graders?

Why can't the premier and the leader of the opposition demand that their MLAs refrain from heckling, name-calling, inane repetition and unnecessarily charged language? That would at least bring them up to the level of civility expected in any fifth grade classroom. Maybe we can turn question period into something worthy of attendance.
06/11/2014 12:39 EDT
Why I'm an Olympic

Why I'm an Olympic Atheist

Amid the medal counts, terror threats and Norwegian curling flare lies the notion that the Olympics make the world a better place. Any sense of togetherness or egalitarianism at the 2012 London Games, for instance, certainly did not apply to the podium. Only 85 of the 204 countries with Olympic committees won medals. If we look at what Olympism has yielded for some of the countries most in need of peace and goodwill, the picture is even less inclusive. The reason the Haitian earthquake orphan will not make it to the Olympics is probably not because she doesn't believe staunchly enough in her dreams.
02/18/2014 12:12 EST
Read Between the Pipelines: Fossil Fuels Ruin the

Read Between the Pipelines: Fossil Fuels Ruin the Environment

The U.S. State Department said Keystone XL would actually be better from a climate perspective than the alternatives. While there is a logic to this line of argument it rests on an illogical assumption. That assumption is that ongoing development of the conventional fossil fuel sector is inevitable. It is not.
02/04/2014 12:13 EST
The Aboriginal Movement That Trumps Idle No

The Aboriginal Movement That Trumps Idle No More

Like Idle No More, the Keystone pipeline battle is a gut-level expression of Aboriginal determination. Unlike Idle No More, it is tightly organized and well defined, with proven staying power and a simple focus: to prevent construction of the $6.5-billion project.
03/07/2013 05:49 EST

A "Yes" to Enbridge's Pipeline is a "No" to Ethics in Canada

As the battle over Enbridge's proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline plays out, two key questions about the moral make-up of Canada will be answered. First, will we as a nation respond to climate change with a renewed commitment to conventional energy and conventional economic growth? Second, will large companies be allowed to bulldoze through unceded Aboriginal territory without local consent?
06/29/2012 04:12 EDT

Wikileaks "Dam" Manitoba Hydro

Diplomatic cables uncovered by WikiLeaks depict a "decades-old logjam" that has hampered Manitoba's efforts to market its substantial untapped hydropower potential to Ontario and the U.S., and throws questions on the utility's $18 billion expansion plans for the next decade.
04/25/2012 10:45 EDT
Why I Didn't

Why I Didn't Vote

I wasn't too busy. I didn't forget. I wasn't even one of those principled abstainers who dutifully spoil a ballot in vague protest. I just didn't bother voting. I know my view is not popular, but I doubt I'm the only one.
10/06/2011 05:31 EDT
Will Canada's Hydropower Boom Help Cool the

Will Canada's Hydropower Boom Help Cool the Climate?

Leaders in the Canadian hydropower industry believe North America can dam its way to a cooler climate, but some experts say that continual increases in energy supply -- whatever the source -- are not the optimal response to the climate crunch. The answer is not more energy, but much more efficient use of it.
09/19/2011 02:10 EDT