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Cracking Down On Public Sex Only Fuels

Cracking Down On Public Sex Only Fuels Stereotypes

Over the last few weeks, while dressed in plainclothes -- though they promise it was work-related -- police officers approached certain individuals in Etobicoke's Marie Curtis Park and signalled that they were interested in getting it on. Project Marie represents the historical clash between so-called family values and gay fun that has been an endless source of discrimination and homophobia.
11/16/2016 10:26 EST
What I Learned About Pride as a Jew in

What I Learned About Pride as a Jew in Palestine

For everyone who celebrates this week in Toronto, Pride is a recognition of this country's endorsement of sexual freedom but it will also be a reminder of the challenging issues that remain unresolved. Pride is inevitably a conflicting emotion because choosing to be proud of one thing is also a choice to not be proud of something else. Although gay Palestinians may not be proud of how their culture treats homosexuality, the people I met are proud because they accept themselves for who they are. This is the nucleus of pride that can be seen clearly across borders, with or without persecution, occupation or inequality.
06/26/2015 05:41 EDT
Public Drinking Is Bad -- Except When Hipsters Do

Public Drinking Is Bad -- Except When Hipsters Do It

Today hundreds of people will gather in the Trinity Bellwoods Communtiy Centre to address the concerns of angry neighbours who want to put a stop to the practice of drinking in their community park -- a practice from time immemorial, recently popularized by hipsters. The hipster backlash to these complaints is, predictably, short-sighted and narrow-minded. When individuals decry the possibility that police may start ticketing drinkers they erase the perspective of those who are the common targets of the police. These people -- aboriginals, people of colour, people living in poverty -- have never enjoyed the privilege of being free from these drinking tickets, or any tickets for that matter.
07/04/2013 02:15 EDT
How a

How a "New Gay" Celebrates Pride

In 40 years, Pride has evolved from a secluded picnic on Hanlan's Point to a series of diverse celebrations that reverberate throughout this very gay city. I am a 20-something city boy who came out at a relatively early age and received unconditional support from family and friends. In many ways I fit the so-called "new gay" stereotype -- I likely won't be attending the parade on Sunday but I likely will attend a pride event at a west end bar that is as hip as it is gay.
06/29/2012 05:34 EDT
Who Wants Ford at Pride

Who Wants Ford at Pride Anyway?

For a second year in a row, Ford is not attending Toronto Pride. So what? If he did, it certainly would not make up for his quips about the HIV community. It would definitely not encourage anti-Fordists to change their minds for the next election. It would merely be a sign of Ford buckling under pressure by other council members, the press and the public. Does this sound like a worthwhile endeavour?
04/18/2012 01:45 EDT
Change My Mind: Should Big Boys

Change My Mind: Should Big Boys Cry?

Did Bubba Watson embarrass the male sex by getting all weepy after he won the PGA Masters 2012?For our ongoing debate series, we've asked two Huffpost contributors to duke it out, in a gentlemanly way, as to whether this scene creeped them out -- or if they welcomed this show of male tears. Vote on who you agree with!
04/11/2012 12:18 EDT

Against Crying

Thanks, Bubba, for reminding us that you and all of the other men that "feel" like you are the centre of attention. Now everyone's
04/11/2012 11:55 EDT