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William Koch

M.A. and Ph.D. in Philosophy

William Koch has a M.A. and Ph.D. in philosophy, which is his main area of research and publication. He is passionate about education and teaches philosophy and critical thinking at the university and college levels. He has also provided tutoring for the S.A.T., L.S.A.T., G.R.E., M.C.A.T. and G.M.A.T. as well as teaching reading, literature, and study skills to students from the per-kindergarten to college level.
Daydreamers Are Better

Daydreamers Are Better Learners

The most common view of the human mind assumes that our normal way of thinking consists of concentrated focus upon immediate tasks at hand. But researchers have found that this is not the case. Daydreaming is now considered to be the normal state of our minds, with focus appearing as a break from the more common mind wandering.
02/27/2013 05:51 EST