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Win Wachsmann

Author, journalist, filmmaker and businessman

Dr. Win Wachsmann has been helping businesses improve their marketing and helping them get ready to sell their business. He doubles as an author, journalist, syndicated columnist, filmmaker, publisher and businessman who makes his home in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. <br> <br> His articles and columns can be found lining the bottom of bird cages in some of the finest homes in the Fraser Valley. They are sometimes found in some of the finest offline and online magazines, journals and media properties.
What's Happening to Housing Statistics in

What's Happening to Housing Statistics in Canada?

Over the past few weeks the various media have inundated us with housing projections, prophecies and prognostications. The housing market is going up -- or going down! (compared to what?) What do those headlines even mean? Are housing starts up? Are housing prices up? Are the number of homes sold up? Or are more and more people building and living in concrete high rises?
12/02/2013 02:44 EST
Must-Knows About Buying Real Estate

Must-Knows About Buying Real Estate Now

Is now a good time to buy real estate amid glowing reports of low mortgage rates and high demand Professional pictures of stunning homes and condos with granite, marble and nine-foot ceilings all serve as eye candy, tempting gullible and may dupe home buyers to drop down payments on not-so-smart real estate buys.
08/29/2013 12:03 EDT