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Yaël Ossowski

Deputy director at Consumer Choice Center.

Yaël Ossowski is deputy director at Consumer Choice Center, and senior development officer for Students For Liberty.

He was previously’s Florida Bureau Chief, chief Spanish translator, and national investigative reporter from 2012-2015.

Yaël has worked as a multimedia journalist across the United States, Canada, and Europe, and his writings have appeared in the The Washington Examiner, The Huffington Post, South African Business Day, L’AGEFI, The Charlotte Observer, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Human Events, Reason Magazine, American Spectator, Independent Journal Review, Metropole Magazine,, CapX, The Gaston Gazette,,, Le Minarchiste Québécois, Sunshine State News, and Wisconsin Reporter.

He is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, and hosts a weekly podcast on life abroad called The Innocents Abroad.

He studied at Concordia University in Montréal, the University of Vienna, and is currently seeking a Master’s Degree in Philosophy, Politics, Economics (PPE) at the CEVRO Institute in Prague.

Born in Québec and raised in North Carolina, he currently lives in Vienna, Austria. You can follow his written work on
Why Fewer Canadians Are Using mycan via Getty Images

Why Fewer Canadians Are Using Tobacco

Despite the millions in proposed new spending for getting Canadians unhooked off tobacco, fewer Canadians are lighting up. Looking at the numbers, it seems that even without a heavy handed government, fewer Canadians are using tobacco every year. So what changed?
04/03/2017 12:54 EDT
You Are Not Your Political David Becker / Reuters

You Are Not Your Political Party

While the burn of politics and sport may continue to persist, let every individual know that they remain free to create society as they know best. And to achieve that with their own passions for the ideas they hold dear. We don't need a president for that.
11/10/2016 10:52 EST
Technological Literacy Is hocus-focus via Getty Images

Technological Literacy Is Doomed

We're more likely to accept the dogma of Google, Apple, or Microsoft in order to satisfy our daily desire to be connected and loved by the bits, ones, and zeros. Who would have thought that the great decentralized interconnected nature of the millions of computers on the Internet would lend itself to a centralization of user experience?
10/27/2016 01:30 EDT
'Iron Kingdom' Reminds Me Why I'm Proud Of My Prussian Craig McCausland via Getty Images

'Iron Kingdom' Reminds Me Why I'm Proud Of My Prussian Roots

When I was a young boy, I remember my grandfather telling me stories of the great emperors and statesmen of the Prussian Empire. He had moved to Canada after the war, but his glorification of Prussia never ceased. Its soldiers fought gallantly, its academics produced reams of important work invoked even today and its statesmen created what we now know as the modern state.
10/18/2016 12:51 EDT
A Viral Video Helped This Afghan Refugee Find A New Freeman Post

A Viral Video Helped This Afghan Refugee Find A New Home

It's a story full of hope among a sea of despair. With thousands of refugees currently awaiting their fate at the periphery of Europe's borders, hoping to reach Germany, the United Kingdom or Sweden, at least one man was setting his sights on the Baltic nation of Lithuania.
04/11/2016 02:14 EDT
Why Dresden's History is

Why Dresden's History is Dreadful

The immediate casualties of war and conflict are measured not only in blood and treasure, but also in historical truth. And 69 years to the day since the Allied firebombing of Dresden, we are reminded...
02/14/2014 11:01 EST