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Yan Roberts

Animal-Rights Activist and Farmer

Yan Roberts is an educator and farmer in Northern Ontario. He operates a farm sanctuary with his partner, as well as a vegan agri-tourism destination.

This Sexist Remark From A Cabinet Minister Shouldn't Go Unnoticed

Lawrence MacAulay, Canada's 69-year-old Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food echoed the tired stereotype sexist attitude by saying, "I intend to listen to the man that does the work -- the farmer." Just as we have an expectation for true gender equality, "because it's 2015," it is fundamentally important that Canada's Minister of Agriculture have a broadly contemporary perspective.
11/13/2015 03:50 EST
John Lund via Getty Images

Why Canadian Dairy Won a Massive Subsidy Despite Falling Demand

The finalized TPP opens up 3.25 per cent of Canada's dairy market to foreign products. Right away, Stephen Harper announced that his cabinet has approved a plan to spend a hefty $4.3 billion in compensation to soothe the vocal dairy industry. It would be another whole day before Harper announced the significantly lower $1 billion in compensation for the auto sector. Canada just entered the global tax subsidy race, and the dairy industry got the first golden egg.
10/07/2015 05:18 EDT

Why Water Is an Election Issue

Attention needs to be paid to the cause of this mass movement of people. We need to consider all precipitating factors, including climate change. What happened in Syria is going to happen elsewhere, and it's likely to get worse as weather alters more. Climate change causes human cruelties.
09/14/2015 05:16 EDT

We Need To Talk About Farmed Animal Abuse

While The Vinyl Cafe's annual holiday show was in Toronto the other day, angry fans of the much loved CBC Radio show were leaving hateful messages on answering machines. While The Vinyl Cafe stage sho...
12/14/2014 11:08 EST
E R DEGGINGER via Getty Images

Is Canada Protecting At-Risk Species or Risky Industries?

The St. Lawrence Estuary beluga whale population is listed as threatened and protected under the Species at Risk Act, and has been officially protected by the Canadian Fisheries Act since 1979. We naturally run into concern when those trusted to protect these species are scrubbing their content to make it more friendly for oil interests who are rummaging around for an alternate route to the ocean.
10/20/2014 06:05 EDT
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Canada's Agricultural Watchdog Isn't Interested In Your Health

The majority of humans I have met are vastly humane. Comparatively, the majority of Government decisions are seen as exasperatingly profane. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has been slowly going the way of the other federal departments in our post-democratic Canada; they have gone from having the occasional nosebleed of odd policy, to having chronic influenza of misguided rulings, to now having a dead soul.
10/02/2014 08:31 EDT

TransCanada Got Punked While Promoting Pipeline

TransCanada got schooled at their recent Energy East pipeline open house in North Bay, Ontario. Mixed in amongst the crowd of several hundred who dropped by throughout the evening, a group of 50 concerned citizens came with more than just their questions; they came in outfits that intentionally resembled TransCanada's own.
08/29/2013 05:31 EDT

A Love Letter to Harper From the Oil Industry

The Harper government is blatantly adhering to the interests of one industry over the broader interests of all Canadians, and over the fundamental protection of our land and waters. What are we to make of how easy a time these industry lobbyists had at furthering their own interests?
01/16/2013 05:13 EST

Theresa Spence Has Stirred our Sense of Participation

Chief Spence's hunger strike is the perfect unexpected act; it is asymmetrical action in the face of controllable expectations. She is laying everything on the line to reclaim the sacredness of her community and she is succeeding. Use this as inspiration for your own acts.
01/09/2013 07:55 EST