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Yanic Simard

Principal Designer, Toronto Interior Design Group

Founder and owner.

Decades of valuable interior design experience.

Yanic Simard is a true creative entrepreneur and design influencer. Pleased to be directly involved with each and every project, he is the driving force behind Toronto Interior Design Group, assisted greatly by a talented boutique team behind him. Mr. Simard has made his mark in the industry across Canada due to his concentrated industry knowledge, and abundance of unique design ideas.

Mr. Simard credits his strong work ethic to his family of industry experts that based their successes on the fact that attention to detail, quality workmanship, authenticity and perfected skills are the cornerstones to the art of living. He believes all homes should exude luxury – and by that he means a state of great comfort.

These core family values lead Mr. Simard to develop the residential interior design boutique concept, which proves to create long-lasting one-on-one intimate relationships.
Doing One Thing Right: Monochromatic Home Flickr/OohFood

Doing One Thing Right: Monochromatic Home Decor

In a world where mixing-and-matching is hot, you might find yourself growing cold on even trying to figure it all out, but I'm here to show you how to get a timeless (yet up to date!) look, all based around a favourite colour -- so easy, the hard part will be deciding on just one!
12/03/2014 05:59 EST
How to Choose the Perfect Dining Room Yanic

How to Choose the Perfect Dining Room Chair

In a busy world always hungry for "home-made meals in 30 minutes or less" and other time-saving tips, I understand why many of you don't have the hours for mulling over your dining chair choices. To help you find the perfect seat without all the searching and simmering, here's my recipe for dining design, in just three easy steps!
11/07/2014 12:46 EST
How to Create Home Decor Fit for Terraxplorer via Getty Images

How to Create Home Decor Fit for Hollywood

Naturally a finely appointed Gatsby estate demands an opulent chandelier, but don't worry: in real life, lighting is one area where quantity is almost more important than quality (or at least budget!). The true key to a Great lighting scheme is depth and layers, so including multiple flattering light sources will make you and your space ready for a close-up.
10/22/2014 03:42 EDT
Some Timeless Trends for Your Fall Home

Some Timeless Trends for Your Fall Home Design

It's time to face it: with the last echoes of summer behind us, 2014 is more than half over. The world of design didn't take any time off, however! Here's an update on some growing trends that have been getting stronger all year -- and don't show any signs of stopping.
10/05/2014 12:57 EDT
Designer 1-2-3: Compact Condo Bathroom Yanic Simard

Designer 1-2-3: Compact Condo Bathroom Renovation

Want to get a designer bathroom as easy as 1-2-3? Here's a breakdown of the design of this recent TIDG client renovation, and the key details you can keep in mind to get your own space feeling like a private spa. First, a little number crunching.
09/05/2014 11:03 EDT
Neutral Debates: Grey vs Beige in Your Yanic Simard

Neutral Debates: Grey vs Beige in Your Decor

Whether you embrace colour, or hide from the wilder hues, neutrals are essential to any design. However, there are two major sides one has to choose from when selecting a neutral: beige vs. grey. To help settle the Great Neutral Debate (at least in your own home), here's some advice on the best both grey and beige have to offer.
06/25/2014 12:52 EDT
A Simple Way to Transform Yanic Simard

A Simple Way to Transform Furniture

I often say hardware is one of the most overlooked ways to transform a furniture piece. But how do you go about choosing from the virtual sea of nifty knobs and pretty pulls? Here's my guide to determining the correct location, style and placement of your new practical accents so you can get the biggest effect from this easy DIY transformation.
06/10/2014 12:36 EDT
Looking Up: Design Ideas for Your

Looking Up: Design Ideas for Your Ceiling

In the 21st century, we spend a lot of time looking down -- obsessively checking our phones, typing away at our computers, or absorbed in a TV screen. Every now and then our point of view needs a little refreshing, which is why I wanted to focus on the "forgotten" wall of interior design -- the ceiling!
05/01/2014 06:05 EDT
How Angles Brighten Up a Tired west elm

How Angles Brighten Up a Tired Space

Pillows by West Elm The human brain is well-trained by nature to find stability and calm in our surroundings -- this is why we read flat planes and straight lines to be orderly and balanced. This also...
04/17/2014 11:54 EDT
Know Your Decor Terms: What's the Yanic Simard

Know Your Decor Terms: What's the Difference?

Think you know your interior design terms? Recently on Cityline I decided to play a little game of What's The Difference?, showing the subtle distinctions between words we use every day -- and even I learned a thing or two!
04/03/2014 08:35 EDT
Three Timeless 2014 Decor

Three Timeless 2014 Decor Trends

Recently Breakfast Television invited me to introduce viewers to a few 2014 designer must-haves, and I found a perfect trio: marble, wood, and the colour mint. All three are huge for this year and beyond, for those who love a look that's "in the now", but each also has a classic appeal.
03/20/2014 08:39 EDT
Making Your Home into a shangri-la

Making Your Home into a Shangri-La

Just this past week I returned to beautiful Vancouver, both to work on developing my coming accessory collection, and for a little break from Toronto's winter chill. To help you get your own little slice of decor heaven at home, here's my top design tips inspired by Shangri-La Vancouver.
03/05/2014 05:12 EST
Accessory Perfection: Styling Your Sofa With Pillows and Thinkstock

Accessory Perfection: Styling Your Sofa With Pillows and Throws

Recently I put together a lesson on how to accessorize your sofa for Cityline, complete with looks to suit any mood. Here are three sofa looks, with lessons on how to achieve them. When you too want a spur-of-the-moment change to your decor, consider these tips, and you won't have to wing it!
02/19/2014 05:17 EST
What Height Is Right to Hang a Pendant Yanic Simard

What Height Is Right to Hang a Pendant Light?

Pendant fixtures are both a beautiful way to add a jewelry-like feature to your decor, and an important part of a well-layered light scheme. Whether you want to invest in some permanent home upgrades or just quickly brighten up a temporary space, this guide will help you determine what height is right for hanging your fixture in any situation.
02/05/2014 12:52 EST
What's Your Colour Cal Crary via Getty Images

What's Your Colour Comfort?

Putting a lot of colour in just the centre will start to look awkward, so you'll need to make sure to put it on your surfaces as well. Drapery is an excellent way to bring colour to your walls without committing long term. You can also add art, or paint your picture frames, and include a colourful accent rug to bring life to the floor
01/23/2014 12:08 EST