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Yoni Freedhoff M.D.

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa

Yoni Freedhoff, MD, is an assistant professor of family medicine at the University of Ottawa, where he's the founder and medical director of the Bariatric Medical Institute—dedicated to non-surgical weight management since 2004.

Dr. Freedhoff sounds off daily on his award-winning blog, Weighty Matters and is also easily reachable on Twitter. Dr. Freedhoff's latest book Why Diets Fail and How to Make Yours Work will be published by Random House's Crown/Harmony in 2014.
The Real Biggest Losers? The Show's NBC

The Real Biggest Losers? The Show's Audience

While I personally find The Biggest Loser to be an emotionally and physically abusive, misinformative, horror show, it's clearly beloved and trusted by many. And while my personal opinions shouldn't concern you, the peer-reviewed medical literature should. Along with being taught that obesity is treatable by means of incredible amounts of vomit-inducing exercise, severe dietary restriction, and never-ending servings of guilt and shame, the medical literature suggests viewers will also be taught that failure is an obese child's personal choice.
01/14/2013 04:38 EST
The Video the Food Industry Doesn't Want You to The Huffington Post

The Video the Food Industry Doesn't Want You to See

A little over a month ago I was invited to a food industry breakfast to offer my comments on how the food industry might help in improving the health of our society. Unfortunately, just three days prior to the event, I was uninvited without the courtesy of an explanation or an apology. So I decided to record my talk and post it online.
12/11/2012 08:26 EST
Do You Know How to Feed Your alamy

Do You Know How to Feed Your Children?

The verdict is in: "Children like what they know and eat what they like." So to make sure your children know healthy, here are some straightforward prescriptions for healthy at-home eating.
11/28/2011 04:45 EST
Tim Hortons Junkies, Prepare to Gain

Tim Hortons Junkies, Prepare to Gain Weight

Did you hear that some Tim Hortons locations are getting rid of their smallest size coffee and shifting everything else up to one size larger? Let's say you're a double-double drinker. If you continue to order up the same, given Tim's new larger sizes, how many extra calories could you be consuming a year?
08/30/2011 12:28 EDT
Health Canada's Cadmium-Coated

Health Canada's Cadmium-Coated Hypocrisy

Yesterday Health Canada proposed a guideline to limit cadmium in children's jewelry. In my opinion, it should be banned; after all that's what governments are supposed to do with harmful substances. So why then are trans fats not banned?
07/26/2011 10:54 EDT
Obesity Is Not the New Smoking, and Fat Is Not Our New

Obesity Is Not the New Smoking, and Fat Is Not Our New Tobacco

People don't choose to become obese, and while choice and free will are involved in lifestyle design, they're certainly not lifestyle's only determinants. If it was as simple as pushing away from the table, everyone who wanted to be would be slim.
06/27/2011 02:05 EDT
Why the Body Mass Index Is Pretty

Why the Body Mass Index Is Pretty Stupid

While becoming a teetotaling, vegan, shut-in, marathon runner might well help you to manage your weight, is that a life you'd be willing, or even able, to live with forever? No. Weight loss is about living the healthiest life that you can enjoy.
06/07/2011 12:46 EDT