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Yoni Goldstein


Yoni Goldstein is the editor of The Canadian Jewish News. His work has appeared in the National Post, Globe and Mail, Maclean's, The Wall Street Journal, The Jerusalem Report and Haaretz.
Stop Whining Grandpa and Get Back to

Stop Whining Grandpa and Get Back to Work

Reaction to Stephen Harper's Davos announcement of coming changes to Old Age Security was predictable. "Poor old people" was the general tenor -- one day they're heading jauntily toward retirement at 65, but now, because of our emotionless jerk of a prime minister, they'll have to work an extra two years.
02/03/2012 11:55 EST
Without Universal Health Care, Who Are alamy

Without Universal Health Care, Who Are We?

One worries what Harper's health care edict will do to the collective Canadian psyche. If we are indeed on the road to more privatizing of medical care -- a process that, perversely, might actually offer more health care equity across the country -- Canadians are destined to lose one of the key pillars on which our identity rests.
01/27/2012 11:57 EST
Why Not Legalize Marijuana? Here's AP

Why Not Legalize Marijuana? Here's Why

It strikes me that in all the recent discussion over legalizing marijuana, no one has actually written about the pros and cons of actually smoking the stuff. I mean what it feels like, what it does to you.
01/20/2012 05:33 EST
Let Kids Eat Junk: They'll Hate You Sonic

Let Kids Eat Junk: They'll Hate You Less

Banning junk food in schools, as Calgary public schools did this week, makes perfect health sense, but it just proves what kids have suspected for centuries: that adults are heartless sadists bent on making kids' lives miserable.
01/12/2012 01:05 EST
A Year of Failed AFP/Getty Images

A Year of Failed Protests

We have a tendency to romanticize protesters, those who nobly publicize injustice, and bravely fight against government and all-powerful institutions. We wish we had their guts. But results matter too, and in 2011 protesters weren't very good at getting anywhere.
12/18/2011 06:34 EST
Why Is Ontario Funding Catholic AP

Why Is Ontario Funding Catholic Schools?

There is absolutely nothing to like about the Ontario government's funding of Catholic schools. Not one thing. It is, quite frankly, a stupid and wholly unfair policy, a relic so far out of touch with the present day the fact that it has lasted this long is preposterous.
12/08/2011 08:53 EST
Rob Ford's Cowardly CP

Rob Ford's Cowardly Move

Ford will revoke the ban on the Toronto Star ASAP if he desires any future in this city. The question is, what's the next step after that? He can't buddy-up to the paper -- reconciliation isn't an option when the entire city knows it would be an entirely empty gesture.
12/03/2011 01:38 EST
Why Is Jonathan Sacks Fighting Alamy

Why Is Jonathan Sacks Fighting Progress?

Last week, the chief rabbi of Britain decried the late Steve Jobs, specifically consumerist society. Of all Orthodox rabbis, he is the one who is supposed to understand the intrinsic value of an iPad, because that device, and the consumerist culture that ultimately begat it, represents choice and the prospect of greater knowledge.
11/25/2011 09:41 EST
Remembering Joe Getty Images

Remembering Joe Frazier

Boxing is sport at its most basic -- two men standing toe-to-toe, fighting for their beliefs, for self-preservation and, most significantly, for honour. The winner is the one who hurts his opponent more -- but survival is a victory in and of itself. In Manila, Frazier survived, even if he didn't win. Joe was always proud of that.
11/09/2011 03:48 EST
We Expect and Deserve Better From Our Bus YouTube

We Expect and Deserve Better From Our Bus Drivers

Another day, another public transit official caught on camera acting like a boor, this time in Ottawa. Let's suppose this bus driver was in a bad mood. Does that make the driver's actions excusable? No, for one simple but essential reason: he's a public servant.
11/08/2011 02:48 EST