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How Do Rental Scams Work?

Rental scams are an ongoing problem. They rely on victimizing people at a disadvantage -- new Canadians not familiar with rental rules and laws, first-time renters and generally those people who are trusting and/or unfamiliar with how scams are perpetrated. But rental scams are becoming more sophisticated.
02/12/2016 03:32 EST
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8 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Apartment During Reading Week

Renting a place as a student is mostly fun, but with a tight budget and not a lot of spare time to devote to fixing it up, it's hard to turn the space into the home of your dreams. Hopefully reading week will free up some of your time (it shouldn't because you should be studying, but hey) and you can tackle a few of these simple rental upgrades.
02/10/2016 03:29 EST
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2016 Tax Hacks To Help You Save Money, Time And Stress

It's February, folks, and you know what that means. Taxes... Yeah, yeah, Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day, 2016 leap year and all that. But it's also the time of year when people wake up to the fact that, oh crap, tax deadlines are looming, and that they better get their act together to reduce their tax bill -- not to mention their stress level.
02/03/2016 12:10 EST
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8 Infomercial Products You Could Use In Your Home Today

How could you not want the knife that could cut through pop cans in a jiffy? The cleaner that could remove your pesky blood stains? The individual-sized blender that could make muffins, omelettes and margaritas!? Over the years, television has come to see many infomercials that gave avid late-night watchers a reason to never go to bed.
02/03/2016 02:07 EST

These 15 Instagram Photos Show Canada in All Its Glory

This drool-worthy list includes our picks of some of the best Instagram views of 2016, specifically featuring shots from some of our favourite accounts across Canada, showcasing talent, architectural artistry and mind-blowing scenery from many storeys above the cities we roam on a daily basis.
01/29/2016 12:29 EST