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Yuki Hayashi

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I'm a writer/editor with extensive freelance and on-staff experience. Having covered the lifestyle beat - style, food & travel, health & fitness, parenting - for the past decade, I'm still excited to learn new things with every assignment. A big believer in work/life balance, I enjoy life to the fullest with my daughter and my partner. We live to travel, explore and scuba dive as much as possible... whenever we're not making fools of ourselves closer to home.
The Main Ingredients Challenge: The No-Cook huffington post

The Main Ingredients Challenge: The No-Cook Meal

For my challenge meal, the main event would be a big salad. What else are you going to do with uncooked foods in the summer? I can't stand raw beets or broccoli, so I decided on carpaccio: paper-thin slices of (vegetable) flesh marinated and tenderized in olive oil and lemon juice, served on a bed of arugula, with anything else that would add vitamins and fibre, without clashing, flavour-wise.
08/22/2013 04:25 EDT