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Should I Raise My Child With Religion, Or Let Him

Should I Raise My Child With Religion, Or Let Him Choose?

Though we were both raised Catholic, my husband and I made a conscious decision to eschew religion when raising our son. I'm a big believer in love over rites and rituals. Like many parents, we want him to make an informed decision about his own spirituality when he is old and mature enough to do so. Yet part of me wonders if agnosticism is truly the right move.
05/06/2013 12:39 EDT
How Pageant Parents Teach Us What Not to

How Pageant Parents Teach Us What Not to Do

To most parents <em>Toddlers & Tiaras</em> is so offensive that we can hardly watch it, let alone relate to it. While this may be obvious to many, what we often fail to see are the grains of these behaviours "normal" parents may engage in. Here are the top five lessons all parents can take from these pageant-parents in order to help their daughters build authentic and long-lasting self-esteem.
04/08/2013 12:10 EDT
How Work Saved Me From Postpartum

How Work Saved Me From Postpartum Depression

At the worst points during my postpartum depression (PPD) I thought about killing myself every single day. I planned my funeral in detail. Strangely, going back to work is a huge part of what pulled me through. Somehow, I could hold it together extremely well in front of my colleagues.
04/02/2013 08:29 EDT
Tips For Bringing Sex Back into Your

Tips For Bringing Sex Back into Your Relationship

Couples with young children frequently walk into my office a few years into parenting admitting that they don't have sex often enough. So, how do we increase the amount of intimacy in our relationships when we have so little time? The following are a few ideas on how to make it happen.
03/26/2013 08:18 EDT
How My Bucket List Has Changed With

How My Bucket List Has Changed With Age

But now the stuff I dream of doing seems to be changing. There's no longer a driving need for me to succeed. I simply hope to experience some offbeat stuff that I think will make my heart happy.
03/18/2013 12:04 EDT
How Are We Marketing Marriage to

How Are We Marketing Marriage to Kids?

Do we need toddlers to start thinking about what kind of wedding dresses they want? Aren't we past telling little girls that one of their dreams has to be marriage? And the fact is the 'till death do us part' marketing is vastly one-sided. When was the last time you saw a boy's toy in a tux? I'll give you a hint. It wasn't anything wedding related.
03/11/2013 12:08 EDT
The Secret Of A Good

The Secret Of A Good Marriage

I often have people confiding in me about their relationship issues (like I'm the resident expert?), and I have only one statement of advice that I share with everyone: Marriage is hard work! There you have it, folks -- no 12-step program to wedded bliss and no sound-bite, Dr. Phil-worthy, pithy pointers. Just the facts. The cold, hard facts.
03/05/2013 12:12 EST
The Cost of Spanking Our

The Cost of Spanking Our Children

I often hear this when talking about discipline methods for children. The key word in this sentence is "okay." What is our definition of this term, and is "okay" really what we want for our children? We now have a greater understanding of the impact of spanking and yelling, and how it negatively affects a person throughout their adult life.
02/26/2013 08:02 EST
How I Discovered My Husband's

How I Discovered My Husband's Affair

So, it's less than three weeks before Christmas. Friday night. Friends are winding down from their work week, decorating the tree with the kids, and maybe getting ready for a Christmas party. I just learned of my husband's affair. I picked up a card I found in his gym bag. I read the cover and thought, "Wow! This must be my Christmas card." But I didn't put it down, and the surprise was on me. It was from Karen. Karen? Who's Karen?
02/19/2013 12:14 EST
Do I Have a Right to Tell My Kids'

Do I Have a Right to Tell My Kids' Stories?

Lately I've been struggling with writing about my boys. When I first started blogging they were young, a toddler and baby. Now they are older, boys with opinions and experiences all their own and those stories no longer belong to me -- they belong to them. I wonder if by writing those stories, I'm taking something I have no right to.
02/11/2013 12:08 EST
Why We Chose to Stop at One

Why We Chose to Stop at One Child

We had always imagined a family with two children... until the baby blues hit. And then postpartum. I'm sad my daughter won't have a sibling, but when it comes to having a second child, we've decided to let that ship sail. I know my capabilities, and I would rather be a great mom to Maddie than a stressed-out and exhausted mom to two.
02/04/2013 05:41 EST
Sex And Other Things That Help Control Mommy

Sex And Other Things That Help Control Mommy Rage

Now my kids know that it is their job to calm down after throwing a fit and I'll remove myself from the room if my head starts ringing from the noise. I'd have to say that the five most important things I did to get from raging-freaking-out-mommy to keeping-it-cool-mommy were...
01/29/2013 12:24 EST
Six Ways to Deal With Your Picky

Six Ways to Deal With Your Picky Eater

Almost every child a will go through a picky eating phase, if not many. As frustrating and worrisome as it is, it's normal. And nine times out of 10, your child is eating a more well-balanced diet throughout the week than you think. So take a deep breath, and read on for some tips on how to deal with your little picky eater...
01/21/2013 05:46 EST
25 Ways To Be Green In

25 Ways To Be Green In 2013

The New Year is here and this is the time that many of us decide to make positive changes in our lives. No matter what shade of green you may be, the following list will hopefully give you some inspiration on how to make some eco-friendly changes for both your family and the environment.
01/14/2013 12:11 EST
Should You Change For Your

Should You Change For Your Marriage?

I fell deeply in love, but I wasn't enough the way I was. He's right, I thought. I'm too childish. I should grow up. So I put my comic books away. I stopped talking about music and art. I tempered my excitement about creativity. Sometimes, though, I'd feel this terrible ache.
01/09/2013 10:21 EST
Should a Kindergartener Have an

Should a Kindergartener Have an iPad?

The new iPad mini is the perfect size for my junior kindergartener. However, does a JK really warrant owning a computer? I tend to think not. Already it seems there is this mad scramble going on to ensure that our kids are equally if not more tech-savvy than their peers. There is plenty of time to hone his keypad skills but the window for developing his imagination seems to close a little every day.
01/01/2013 02:54 EST
Are We Childhood-Proofing Our

Are We Childhood-Proofing Our Kids?

Into every childhood there must fall some skinned knees. Some bumps and bruises and yes, maybe even some crutches. The "be carefuls" I hear in the park make my heart sink a bit. When we set our little ones down in the sand, should we check for choking hazards or should we should hand them a shovel and tell them to dig to Middle Earth?
12/24/2012 12:17 EST
Elf-On-the-Shelf and Other Lies We Tell Our

Elf-On-the-Shelf and Other Lies We Tell Our Kids

I am of the mind that parenting, when done correctly, involves delicately hopping over the line between imaginative play and outright deception. But man, does this time of year challenge even me. I'm not saying parents shouldn't indulge in the Yuletide traditions, old and new. But at this point, I'm not sure about how to handle the Santa thing once the hard questions come.
12/17/2012 12:22 EST
When Can Children Walk to School

When Can Children Walk to School Alone?

Often, the choice of whether or not to allow a child to walk to school unaccompanied is fraught with fears of injury or worse. When our generation was school-aged, parents didn't seem to worry about our physical safety as much as we worry about our kids' today. When is a child ready to walk to school unaccompanied?
12/10/2012 12:22 EST
Some Parenting Lessons From James

Some Parenting Lessons From James Bond

With 22 films and the much lauded <em>Skyfall</em> now in theatres, Bond remains an emblem of style, erudition, and blunt force physicality. It may seem a bit of a stretch to compare Bond to parents but it's high time to consider what parents might learn from a quick dive through the James Bond canon.
12/03/2012 12:13 EST