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Yves Engler

Writer and Political Activist

Yves Engler has been described as "Canada's version of Noam Chomsky" (Georgia Straight), “one of the most important voices on the Canadian Left today” (Briarpatch), “in the mould of I. F. Stone” (Globe and Mail), "ever-insightful" ( and a "Leftist gadfly" (Ottawa Citizen). His latest book is A Propaganda System: how Canada's government, corporations, media and academia sell war and exploitation

How the Media Confuses Fact and Political Spin

What's the difference between fact and political spin in Canada's "national" newspaper? Not much if a recent Globe and Mail article is any indication. In an article about the overthrow of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi foreign affairs reporter Campbell Clark claims Ottawa faced a "conundrum in responding to" Morsi's ouster since "the Harper government [is] normally critical of any military takeover." Did anybody bother to check if this was true?
07/26/2013 05:29 EDT

Canadian Aid to Palestinians Serves Israel

A recently uncovered government document confirms that Ottawa has delivered millions of dollars in aid to the Palestinian Authority in a bid to advance Israel's interests. The internal memorandum also sheds light on Canada's efforts to build a security apparatus to protect the Palestinian Authority from popular disgust over its compliance in the face of ongoing Israeli settlement building.
07/19/2013 05:09 EDT

Foreign Branch of Tar Sands Industry

Stephen Harper's Conservative government has transformed Canadian diplomacy into the lobbying arm of dirty oil. They've spent tens of millions of dollars pushing the Keystone XL pipeline in the US but...
06/14/2013 03:24 EDT

Harper's Foreign Policy: Make the Rich Richer

The Harper government has consistently supported Canada's banks and global investor class. In fact, their entire foreign policy is largely designed around the question: How can we make the world's richest 0.1% even richer?
05/27/2013 02:06 EDT

The Worst Thing You Can Call a Union Leader? A Boss

Why do the most right-wing politicians and corporate news outlets always use the term "union boss"? Because the worst thing they can think of is to say the leader of a labour organization acts like a capitalist? Strangely, one of the main reasons workers seek to unionize is to protect themselves from the arbitrary power of bosses.
05/02/2013 05:25 EDT

Harper's Keystone Lobbying Is Tarring Canada's Good Name

The Conservatives have lobbied vigorously in support of Calgary-based TransCanada's plan to build a $7-billion pipeline to take up to 800,000 barrels of oil a day from Alberta to refineries on the Gulf Coast. As a result, environmentalists have used social media and traditional protests to heap scorn on Canada.
02/15/2013 07:52 EST