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Yvonne Crittenden

Australian-born journalist

Yvonne Crittenden is an Australian-born journalist who worked for newspapers and magazines in Australia and Canada for 50 years. She now reviews books for the <em>Toronto Sun </em>and is glad to see journalism remains a family trade, with children and grandchildren taking up the profession. Her daughter, Danielle, is Managing Blog Editor of the Huffington Post Canada.
How Will I Survive

How Will I Survive "Marmageddon"?

The tasty (or disgusting, depending on your viewpoint) British yeast spread Marmite was suddenly pulled from shelves by the Canada Food Inspection Agency because it contains "too many vitamins and minerals." Yes, you read that right. Please, please, powers-that-be, bring back Marmite before I go into withdrawal.
01/28/2014 08:03 EST
A Grandmother's Warning to Young

A Grandmother's Warning to Young Smokers

I started smoking around the age of 16 when it was still glamorous (!) and no warnings of cancer, back in the early 50s. I worked myself up to a pack a day in my late teens, then smoked for the next 20 years. Everyone (including my parents and siblings) smoked in those days.
01/19/2012 11:47 EST
Lordy, I Can

Lordy, I Can See!

When I was diagnosed with a severe case of astigmatism, or short-sightedness, it seemed like a life sentence. Those were the days when those who wore glasses were scorned as losers, and reminded of humorist Dorothy Parker's famous adage: Men never make passes at girls who wear glasses.
10/12/2011 04:41 EDT