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Zeeshan Hayat

The CEO and co-founder, Prizm Media Inc.

Zeeshan Hayat is the CEO and Co-founder of Prizm Media Inc. His drive and vision have taken the company from a small college venture, to a multimillion dollar business that serves some of the largest mail order durable medical equipment and pharmacies across US and Canada.

Zeeshan is an expert in machine learning and artificial intelligence- specifically its impact within the healthcare industry.
How Pokémon GO Can Help You Lose hocus-focus via Getty Images

How Pokémon GO Can Help You Lose Weight

Whether it is counting calories, tracking activity or coaching you through your workout -- there is a fitness app for everything. As a relatively new trend, the jury is still out on whether these apps are really making a lasting difference in people's lives. So how has an app like Pokémon Go, that is not specifically targeted at those who want to increase their daily activity, become so much more effective and engaging than all the fitness apps before it?
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Why Is There No Uber For Health Care?

With the rise of smart phone technologies and development of lower cost health tech, there are more and more convenient and inexpensive ways to connect providers and consumers. There are in fact a growing number of services offering on-demand medical services like medication delivery, house calls, and tele-medicine. In other words, we haven't seen the new health-Uber yet. But why not?
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Machine Learning Is A True Revolution

The impact that technology has had in our lives goes without saying. One can barely imagine a day without faintly using technology to complete tasks at work or to simply unwind at home. It is even har...
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Prescribing Mobile Health Apps

There's no doubt that using mobile apps to improve your fitness and overall health is more popular than ever. Look no further than the hundreds of wearable devices and the thousands of diet and exercise apps currently on the market. The real question is, do they work?
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Could Your Phone Know More About Your Health Than Your Doctor?

What if the Internet and our mobile devices could become a reliable tool for your health? Would your phone then know more about your health than your doctor? One of the biggest developments in healthcare we have seen is mobile health, or mhealth, which is effectively is freeing healthcare devices of wires and cords. It is enabling physicians and patients to check their healthcare processes on the go.
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