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Zoë Gemelli

Writer and photographer.

Zoë Gemelli is a writer and photographer who lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Her selfies started as a child in Windsor and have existed through her various escapades of depression through Boston, New York, Toronto, and back again. She has published in Now Magazine, Village Voice, Boston Phoenix, Bay Windows, South End News, American Lawyer, Creative Loafing, and others.
pug freak/Flickr

The Day My Rescue Dog Rescued Me

Everything was planned. The collection of pills, the letters, the dowry of cameras, books, and music; all neatly placed on my to-do list. And then my pug, with a snort and a twitch, saved my life.
01/11/2016 08:59 EST

Taking Selfies During the Throes of Depression Helped Me Heal

Lay all of these photos out against each other and it tells a story of the ebbs and flows of depression. I didn't once take a selfie thinking it would be the reminder of how bad it can get. I'm a photographer and just have the innate need to document, even if it's my own angst or joy.
10/08/2015 06:19 EDT