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Zoe Kevork

Lawyer, Producer, dual citizen.

Since receiving her LL.B from the University of Western Ontario in 2000 and LL.M in <br> International and Comparative Law from the University of Notre Dame in 2001, Zoe has had a varied career. She has previously served as a trade policy advisor to the Ontario <br> Government and as an entertainment and non-profit attorney for various arts councils and production companies in Los Angeles. Zoe has spoken on the concept of a North American monetary union (ACSUS) and taught International Trade Law at Seneca College (Toronto, Canada). <br> <br> In 2010 Zoe launched her own legal practice focusing on immigration and entertainment law. Her clients have gone on to work on blockbusters such as the Hunger Games trilogy, Iron Man, Captain America and television shows such as CONAN and Veronica Mars just to name a few. <br> <br> In her "spare" time Zoe is a producer and president of Canadian Abroad of Southern California.
I'm One of the 1.4 Million Canadian Citizens Who Can't

I'm One of the 1.4 Million Canadian Citizens Who Can't Vote

I live in a country now that has protected my right to vote. U.S. citizens around the world, regardless of how long they've been away, enjoy this inalienable right. The United States has pride and sense of obligation towards its citizens. I just wish Canada had the same feeling towards us as well. I
10/18/2015 08:57 EDT