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Drawing Inspiration From 100 Days Of Makeup

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100 Days of Makeup (#100daysofmakeup) is an Instagram challenge designed for makeup artists to showcase their skills. The goal may sound simple but artists must post interesting and creative makeup pictures or videos for 100 consecutive days.

On Instagram, I follow Toronto-based makeup artist Shelley Zimner and am always intrigued by her ability to completely transform identities. For example, she posted an evening glam-themed photo one day and the next day she perfectly emulated Adele's look from the Hello music video.

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I contacted Shelley and interviewed her to learn more about her process and, of course, to get a leg up on some new ideas for the upcoming 2015/2016 winter season.

From whom do you draw your inspiration for each Instagram post?

I get my inspiration mostly from other makeup artists. I love reading about makeup artists in the fashion industry and learning about their application techniques as well as their favourite products. I am also intrigued by makeup's history; there is no shortage of inspiration from past decades and eras!

How long does it take you to finish a picture for each day from makeup to editing to uploading?

Depending on the look, it usually takes a few hours. If it's just a simple fashion look, the makeup application takes about half an hour to 45 minutes whereas special effects or a costume look can take anywhere from one to several hours.

Do you plan your design ahead of time or work on the fly?

I like to plan more elaborate looks ahead of time. For example, the sugar skull I did for Halloween was drawn up on a face chart (makeup blueprint) beforehand. Other times, I will not plan to do makeup that day but will suddenly get inspired by something and then decide on the idea in the moment. Sometimes, I just play around with the products and come up with the look as I go.

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Have your clients requested specific looks based on transformations from your Instagram account?

Yes! People tend to really love when I do dark smokey eyes. Clients usually like this type of look for events, nights out and parties. There's something about a smokey eye that is so captivating. They can be as simple or dramatic as the client wants. When done properly, smokey eyes are the perfect mix between sexy and sophisticated.

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What look do you like for clients this winter season?

For winter I love to focus on the skin. Skin tends to get dry in the winter so I enjoy giving my clients a nice moisturized, dewy finish. Once skin is looking fresh, I like to add some subtle hints of berry on the lips and cheeks to give the face some colour. This makeup pairs perfectly with a nicely groomed brow and some mascara, but can also look very chic with a heavier eye makeup.

If you are looking to freshen up your look for the winter or to get some helpful tips, check out Shelley's Instagram and #100daysofmakeup for new ideas and inspirations from makeup artists around the world.


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