06/27/2012 08:10 EDT | Updated 08/27/2012 05:12 EDT

Why I Love Canada: "Our Popular Last Names Are Smith, Singh and Ng"


I love Canada because I've seen many soldiers walking in major cities in Mexico with M16s at their hips. Seeing a Canadian soldier in Toronto or any other city is an anomaly. We are a safe country.

I love Canada every time I stare at the expanse outside my balcony and see 80-foot Maples blowing in the wind. It is then I realize our's is a country flowing with beauty and majesty. I loved Canada even more, the morning I arrived in Vancouver and saw the North Shore Mountains in the distance and was amazed at the utter splendour of our home, our Native land. We are oh-so-handsome.

I love Canada because I have sat in a circle with our Aboriginal brothers and sisters and listened to their teachings of Turtle Island and heard the mightiness of their drums. We are a country blessed with very rich roots.

I love Canada as a Jew, because religious Jews can walk to synagogue on Shabbat with their side curls and religious garb visible to all unlike France where such a display could be dangerous. We are a 'multifaith' country. אני אוהב את קנדה (Hebrew: I love Canada)

I love Canada even though we have not entirely accepted our blemishes particularly having to do with Residential Schools, because I know we will. We are a nation that understands growth.

I love Canada because our popular last names are Smith, Singh and Ng.

I love Canada because our citizens in St. John, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island practice hospitality as heartily as Middle Easterners, even when they have 12 children and are having a tough time making ends meet. We can be a warm people. Lord tunderin.

I love Canada because I have seen the results of the tsunami in Sri Lanka and know that Canada has few natural disasters. Canadians are such a fortunate people. And we wish others well. And we help.

I love Canada because our cuisine includes pad Thai, sushi, burritos, cholent, fettuccini, duck l'orange and Toad in a Hole. We are always hungry for a creative dish.

I love Canada because of Quebec and its splendour, distinct nature, its joie de vivre and its most attractive and stylishly dressed people. J'aime le Canada.

I love Canada because I was born here and one normally embraces his/her birthplace even when a government policy is unkind or credit card interest rates are unfairly high. This is my home and whenever I fill out a form which includes my p.o.b. the answer is always -- CANADA.

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