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8 Old Wives' Tales to Predict Your Baby's Gender

If you're pregnant, you're probably already well-accustomed to being asked "Do you know what you're having?" Even if you're not going to find out your baby's sex by ultrasound, it's still fun to predict whether you're having a boy or a girl, and there are dozens of old wives' tales that claim to help you do just that.

1. Morning Sickness

Morning sickness and changes in breast size are often some of the very first signs of pregnancy, and people often say that moms who have bad morning sickness are more likely to be carrying a girl. Off scot-free in the nausea department? You just may be carrying a boy! Another tale says if the mother's left breast is larger than the right, it's a boy; vice-versa, it's a girl.

2. Cravings

In pregnancy, cravings also come with the territory. According to some, yearning for sweet things, especially citrus, means you're having a girl. On the flip-side, a hankering for salty, sour or protein-rich foods could mean a boy. And then there's the garlic test. Apparently, if you can eat a lot of garlic yet not have the smell seep from your pores, you're having a girl.

3. Your Pregnant Body

As your pregnant body begins to change, don't be surprised if folks start analyzing your burgeoning belly. One of the most popular ideas is that if the mother is carrying low or narrow, it's a boy; high and wide means a girl. Similarly, gaining weight in the hips and thighs means a girl, while extra weight in the front means a boy. Feeling moody but graceful? It's a girl, as well. And mellow but clumsy moms must be carrying a boy!

4. Pregnant Glow

Sporting that rosy "pregnant glow," with luscious locks and a bright complexion? It's a boy, though you're also likely to have cold feet and dry hands. Little girls are thought to "steal the mother's looks," leaving you with acne and thin, drab hair. At least you likely have soft hands!

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5. Sympathy Weight

Has your husband gained some extra pounds alongside you? It's a girl, some say.

6. Linea Nigra

What about your linea nigra... does it extend up to your ribcage? If so, it's a boy. If it stops at your navel, it's a girl.

7. Baby's Heart Rate

Some swear that if the baby's heart rate is over 140, it's a girl. Is the heart rate under 140? It's a boy according to this old wives' tale.

8. Pillow Directions

Don't forget to analyze which direction your pillow faces, and on which side you sleep. North-facing pillows and sleeping on your left side are said to be signs it's a boy; a pillow to the south and sleeping on your right mean a girl. Also, try looking at yourself in a mirror for at least a minute -- if your pupils dilate, it's a boy; if not, it's a girl.

While most of these legends have been disproved, they're still fun to discuss (and of course, accurate about 50 per cent of the time!). But, in fact, your own intuition is most reliable. One study found that mothers who had no previous knowledge about the sex of their baby guessed correctly 71 per cent of the time. In the end, the only way to know 100 per cent is to have your baby!

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