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6 Dumb Things People Say to Pregnant Women

Like moths to a flame, pregnant women seem attract of a barrage of insensitive and obnoxious unsolicited opinions and comments. We get it. This whole belly thing is new and unusual. Except that pregnant bellies have been around since the beginning of time. So not that new, or unusual. Here are some gems women rocking bellies of any size will likely hear on any given day.

"You sure you don't have twins in there?"

Just what every woman already feeling large and bloated wants to hear. Chances are any mother who has been asked that question has had it confirmed on at least one if not two or more occasions that there is just a singleton in there. Asking that question will never serve any purpose beyond making a very pregnant woman fear giving birth to a toddler. Yes, she is sure she does not have twins in there.

"Wow, you look about ready to pop!"

Not only does a pregnant woman not want to feel she looks like she is physically about to explode, but she certainly does not require the visual of 'popping' close to her due date.

"Why would you find out the gender? There are so few surprises left in life."

Because some people want to know the gender and feel it will help them bond with their baby, allow them the time and opportunity to set up the nursery in a gender specific way and to buy clothes and pick the name. And some people are just curious and want to know. That's why.

"Why wouldn't you find out the gender? Don't you want to know?"

No, people who chose not to find out the gender do not want to know. Some people enjoy spending months wondering and imagining about who they are carrying inside them and want the "it's a....!" moment. Some people wait their whole lives anxious for that moment in the delivery or operating room. That's why.

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"Should you be eating/drinking that?"

Suddenly when you're pregnant it's like the whole world feels entitled to question your food or drink intake. Women are fully capable of monitoring their own food intake. They know the number of coffees they've had, or the kind of sushi they picked. They do not need to be reminded by the food police that too much caffeine is maybe bad and the risks of listeria. If it's not news you, it's not to the pregnant woman either. Let her enjoy her latte in peace.

"Sleep now, while you can."

This one is especially fun in the last trimester when most women can't sleep at all because of the extreme discomfort that comes in the last months of pregnancy. That's also usually when pregnancy insomnia kicks in. At least when the baby comes you won't be excruciating pain just trying to get comfortable.

Plus, you can't bank sleep.

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