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Five Techniques To Handle Getting Dumped

A smart girl knows that getting dumped by your boyfriend is rarely a pleasant experience. It leaves some women angry, jaded and bitter. But that shouldn't justify committing these five breakup no-noes. Instead here are five alternatives to express how you really feel after getting dumped. After all, there's only one way for a smart girl to handle a breakup: with dignity, style and class.
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Smart girls know. There's only one way to act when you get dumped and that's with dignity, style and class.

The key to having a sense of decorum throughout the whole dumping process and for the short time after (say the next few months or years) is to remind yourself that this too shall pass.

If you're going to keep it classy, there are five things you must never ever do after getting dumped:

1. Beg

By no means do you ever beg your ex to stay or change his mind while he's dumping you. It's undignified.

Instead, smile. Give them a nice big juicy smile. Make sure to show lots of teeth and try not to blink. Oh, and don't say a thing. Not a word. Just silently smile and without too many quick movements, slowly and calmly either show him to the door or leave. You'll be showing him how sane and rational you can be.

Now's not the time to humiliate yourself. You'll have plenty of time for that later.

2. Persistent Texting And Calling

Incessantly texting and calling your ex sends him the wrong message. I know you're only doing it to let him know that you're completely over him, but it might make you appear a wee bit clingy and insecure.

Instead, show him that you've moved on by sending him regular reminders in the mail. Preferably on all holidays and celebrations. You can send him in a lovely card or a framed pictured of the two of you from the good ol' days. It'll show him how mature you are and will definitely put his mind at ease.

3. Stalk Your Ex

If you find yourself staked out in front of your ex's house or driving around following him, don't. Just don't. Stalking smacks of instability and can get you into big trouble. Big, big trouble.

While you're obviously keeping tabs on him to watch over him and keep him safe, he might not see it that way. The key to successful stalking, I mean guarding, is to do it discreetly.

Many women experience great success creating fake profiles on social media sites to look out for their exes from a safe distance. Social media provides an excellent opportunity to stay abreast of his comings and goings and relationship status updates. That way you can monitor who he's dating. God knows there's a ton of super crazy women out there.

4. Sleep With His Best Friend

We all know that this one's a big no no. You never, ever sleep with his best friend.

Sleeping with his best friend is downright petty. All it does is make you look cheap and bitter. And you know you're not bitter. No. You're grateful. Grateful that he had the foresight and good sense to set you free before you got really, really, really attached.

In fact, you're so grateful you want to thank him. And what better way to thank him then to NOT sleep with his best friend. Instead, sleep with his brother. I know. You're such a giver.

5. Throw His Stuff Onto The Front Lawn

This one's always a bad idea. Think of the mess and the potential damage to the lawn and garden. Not only that, it makes you look spiteful and like you lack self control.

Instead, donate all his items to a clothing drive or charity. Especially his good work suits. They'll be a big hit and will go a long way in helping someone else out. I mean really, you're only thinking of the good of others.

So you see, it's extremely easy to act with dignity, style and class when getting dumped. The key is to stay calm, cool and collected. By using a few special tactics, you'll show your ex that not only are you rising above the situation, he has absolutely nothing or no one to fear.