11/11/2012 11:41 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

The Case For Good Manners

I know there are many wonderful people out there and I'm calling you to action to make a difference!

I am on a mission to make this world a kinder, more gentler place. I am witnessing so many incidents lately where a simple act of kindness could have resolved the situation with a much more positive outcome.

In today's world, there is such a fast pace to keep up with and there is a stress level that is raising the roof. People have become overwhelmed with the pressures of life resulting in a cold and selfish environment. It's detrimental to life, happiness and health. There is too much indifference to the core values that we were taught and unfortunately, it is becoming commonplace. It's not right.


Don't accept this outcome. Make an effort to change this. Kindness does matter. The act alone is good spiritual practice is something that always has a win-win outcome. It's simple and it doesn't take much of an effort. In fact, we should all be doing our part by consciously doing something nice for someone each and every day.

A good place to start is by practicing good manners. Be more aware of the good manners you were taught as a child. Lead by example and influence everyone around you. Young children are taught good manners but for many, it is a forgotten art by the time they hit their teens. Kindness and good manners are lifelong activities and it shows respect to each other. Consistency is the key when making something a habit and kindness and good manners are a good habit. I want to make this second nature to everyone.

Have you witnessed any situations where you saw good manners lacking? What actions do you think could have made a difference? I am committed to living life in a positive way and I want to influence others to do the same. I find it sad that some people are so oblivious to their actions and lack of manners, that they go about their day in a self-absorbed bubble. How many times have you approached a doorway and the person ahead of you lets the door close quickly behind them and in front of your face? What happened to good manners?

Instead, isn't it nice when that person ahead of you takes a moment to hold it open for you, knowing that you are just one step behind? What does that act result in? That first do-gooder showed an act of kindness, the second person realizes this and expresses gratitude. It's a win-win situation. There is a great positive energy in this activity. Both these people are in tune with positivity and as a result will become more aware of the goodness in that.

This positive event is contagious; every person has the ability to spark that positive flame by continually acting in this manner. Now look at the second person in this scenario...they will now be more conscious of holding the door open for the person behind them, and so on and so on.

Practice good manners. It's that simple! Delivering this message is something we need to be more aggressive about or the status-quo remains. Let it begin with you and me. Make a difference. You can all do your part by actively and passionately living your life with this positive action.

If you already live your life this way, I congratulate you! I need you to help me get my message out there.

A call to action: Bring back good manners!

I want this blog post be a starting point to raise the awareness of the importance of good manners.

Tell me about what you did today to make a positive difference.

Use this as a guideline:

My act of kindness today was...