12/06/2012 08:18 EST | Updated 02/05/2013 05:12 EST

The Perfect Outfit for Any Kind of Date Night


There is nothing more exciting for a lady than getting dressed up for date night. Whether it's a first date, with those butterflies fluttering about in your stomach as you nervously walk towards the door upon hearing the bell ring, or a much needed, long overdue, date night with hubby -- getting ready for a night on the town, a picnic in the park or a trip to the local theatre for date night, just makes a woman feel amazing.

Sometimes a woman just needs a little help deciding which outfit compliments her body best. Don't worry, BeauCoo is here for you.

Got a hot date? No need to call bestie. No need to scream "I have nothing to wear!" Here are three date scenarios that will never go out of style and the outfits that will make you look amazing every time.


Image courtesy of Chelsea Klukas (@chelscore). Modelling by Diana Ng (@foodsalon) and Dan Clapson (@dansgoodside).

The Casual Date

Headed to the movies? A picnic in the park? A trip to the bowling alley? Casual dates may be casual but that doesn't mean they aren't exciting or worthy of putting in a little extra effort to look fabulous. In most cases these days, especially with the rise in online dating, the first date typically becomes a casual date. A quick meeting over coffee at Starbucks or feeding ducks in the park. They can also be a typical (again, typical isn't a bad thing!) date night for couples who may be past the wining and dining days.

Regardless of whether it's date number one or date number 101, you can never go wrong with a pair of great fitting jeans (we love a great skinny jean), feminine top and blazer or cardigan. When paired with flats, you're ready to walk in the park or take in an afternoon matinee. When paired with pumps, you're ready for anywhere the date may take you. Accessorize with a knotted scarf or funky jewelry to add a little fun to the look!

The Classy Night on the Town

A classy date night on the town can be as classic as dinner reservations at that fine dining restaurant you've been dropping hints about, a black tie charity event or an evening of dinner, drinks and dancing at a club. The possibilities are endless but your date invite is usually prompted by "dress nice -- I'm taking you out tonight."

If you're privy to the details surrounding the date, you can plan accordingly but in almost all classy nights on the town, one staple item that is always a winner is your little black dress. This item can be worn almost anywhere and can also be dressed down by a black blazer if you're apprehensive. It can allow you to look a little more casual at dinner and be removed at the club or it can simply be worn to the event and checked in the coat room.

The staple little black dress will not only knock his socks off but will look classy and perfect on any date night on the town. Draw attention to your legs by pairing your little black dress with stilettos or fancier flats if heels aren't your thing! Accessorize with a clutch and tasteful jewelry (we fancy pearls with a little black dress) to polish off the look.

The Secret Date

Every woman knows from experience. There is nothing worse than hearing the words "don't you worry about a thing -- I've got it under control," when you ask him what your date night entails. If it's your husband or boyfriend, top secret date night plans or locations are a little less worrisome. Surely your lover won't throw you under the bus by letting you wear jeans to the ballet -- yes men do still take women to the ballet. It's not a myth! Nor would he let you wear your little black dress to a double date at the paintball field.

We hope.

But if you're headed to a first date that's sounding more covert than something the FBI would arrange, you may be wondering, what on earth do I wear for covert affairs!?

In these cases, we like to mix a little casual with a little night on the town! If you've been given no specific instructions (first date or not), we suggest a casual dress paired with a blazer or denim jacket! Much like the night on the town, if the date ends up being fancier than you expected, simply remove your jacket and flaunt your dress. If it's slightly more reserved or low-key, the jacket will dress down your outfit. Worried about what shoes to wear? As with casual date night, flats will look great as will high heels! Accessorize with a larger purse, big enough to hold your shoes if you want to bring both and be on the safe side!

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