03/04/2013 04:59 EST | Updated 05/04/2013 05:12 EDT

Why I Kicked My Scale to the Curb



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My scale and I have always had a love-hate relationship.

There are days that it makes me feel great. There are others that I want to smash it to pieces. So yes, maybe in addition to the love-hate relationship, we also have an unhealthy one where I want to break it.

That was my first sign right there.

The day I kicked my scale to the curb was a day I felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. Ten pounds lighter. Ironic right? But the minute I stopped obsessing over my weight and learned to love what I had and be #BoPo (body positive) regardless of what any scale said -- I began to feel better about myself.

Here's the thing about scales.

They are sneaky and full of trickery. They can't always be trusted. For example, it's suggested that if you want an efficient, reliable scale you should pay more for the fancier ones with all the bells and whistles. The digital ones, they say. Because these ones are the most accurate ones.

That's great then. You buy yourself the fancy digital one and start to track your weight. Things are going great. That is until you visit a friend and when powdering your nose in their bathroom, notice their scale looking at you. Calling at you.

Step on me! See what I say!

And then you do.

And one of two things happens. One, it tells you that you weigh more than yours at home, causing you to panic and think "But this one is digital too! How can it be wrong?" and of course, proceed to feel defeated. The other option? Other than the number being the same, which, let's face it -- when does that ever happen? It says you weigh less. While some would assume that you would immediately feel victorious and scream your excitement to the shower, the sink, and the jacuzzi tub in the room -- most of us would be set into a tailspin of wonderment.

Is this scale lying? Is my scale lying? Who's telling the truth?!

And here lay the root of the evil that are scales. Not only can they not be trusted and change their minds more often than not -- these lifeless pieces of technology have many of us wrapped around their little finger. Why? Because society and the media have given us the mindset that we are expected to be a certain weight to be healthy and happy. And while your health is extremely important (please don't think for two seconds that it's not), if you think your scale may be at risk of destroying your mental health, it's time to go your separate ways.

If you don't think you can kick the scale to the curb but your mood is instantly ruined by stepping on the scale or if you find yourself obsessing over it, even worrying about how many decimal points you are away from the number you want, we're begging you.

Take some trial separation from it.

Five Signs You Need To Reconsider Your Relationship With Your Scale

1) If your mood is ruined or fluctuates based on what the number on the scale says -- it's time to have the talk. Your scale shouldn't change your perspective or your outlook on the day. Don't let it.

2) If you lay in bed awake at night, worrying about what the scale will say in the morning, it's time for the scale to sleep on the front porch, or at the very least, the couch downstairs.

3) If you are weighing yourself more than once a day -- is it because the scale is taunting you? Or because you're happy with what you're seeing before you? If it evokes a positive feeling, keep on weighing yourself. But if each step onto the scale makes you feel slightly worse, the scale needs to relocate.

4) If you are removing every piece of clothing and jewelry to ensure you see the lowest number possible on the scale -- ask yourself why. Will that bracelet really make that big of a difference? And will that difference ruin your day if you don't remove it?

5) If you find yourself skipping meals before weigh ins, this is a serious matter and definitely a sign that your scale needs to move on. If weight loss is something you are very serious about, it may be time to talk to your doctor or a nutritionist to find a healthy, safe way to reach your goals.

You are not a number. You are a beautiful person, inside and out, and the scale and its range of numbers do not define you.

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