10/07/2011 10:54 EDT | Updated 12/07/2011 05:12 EST

Congratulations Mr. McGuinty?


Congratulations Mr. McGuinty!

Yesterday, Ontarians went to the polls and re-elected you as the premier of Ontario!

Mr. McGuinty, you have won the privilege to continue to lead a province with a large deficit during one of the worst times of global economic turbulence in recent history... er, wait...

What I mean is, congratulations Mr. McGuinty! You have become Ontario's first Liberal leader to "three-peat" in over 100 years and you therefore inherit the enviable task of attempting to balance health-care spending and education costs as baby boomers enter their twilight years and put a dangerously heavy burden on health care and social assistance...No, that's not it.

Congratulations, Mr. McGuinty! This victory means you'll get to manage rising education costs as boomers' grandkids enter post-secondary education in record numbers!

... Uh, wait, no.

You, Mr. McGuinty, the victorious premier, now get to continue to face criticism from both the far-right -- who feel that your party overspends on social programs and taxes Ontarians too highly -- and from the far-left -- who contend that you haven't provided enough programs and services for Ontario families...darn it.


Congratulations Mr. McGuinty! Your win last night means you'll get to continue attempting to find compromise with a Conservative prime minister regarding escalating health care issues and you'll get the privilege of negotiating with the mayor of the country's most populated city -- also a Conservative -- regarding delicate issues like uploading service costs to the province and potentially funding a struggling transit system...Shoot this is harder than I thought it would be...

Congratulations, Mr. McGuinty! Last night Ontarians bestowed upon you the pleasure of living under a microscope for another term, having your every action analyzed and dissected by the media, and being indirectly held responsible for the actions of all the Liberal MPPs who also won seats last night...

Ah crap.

Um... congratulations Premier McGuinty?