03/01/2013 12:24 EST | Updated 05/01/2013 05:12 EDT

I Have Become "That Mom"


Oh, Kathie Lee Gifford, how I feel so bad for the way I treated you and for all the things I said. The judgment! The rolling of the eyes! The changing of the channel! I'm so sorry for all of that. Oh, Kathie Lee, I really do wish I could take it all back and rewind time and cherish every picture you showed and every mundane and not mundane story you ever told about your Cody and Cassidy on Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee.

And oh how I wish I could have defended you against all of your critics who said you talked too much about your children on air. All because I am now you. I relate more to you today than I ever did because now I am that mom. I am that mom who will tell anyone -- and I mean anyone -- who will listen, lots and lots of stories about her children with no self awareness and limit. I want to share how their smell is like a breath of fresh air to me. And how cute I think it is that my daughter thinks I nap at work just like she does at preschool. And I want to tell the world that my 18-month-old son went pee pee on the potty for the first time last week. I can't help myself. See I'm doing it now. I'm shameless. I am that annoying, over-sharing, with nothing else going on in her life but her kids -- colleague, friend and random person on the street who might try to talk to you.

Question is though, when did this happen? How did I become this person? I have one reasonable explanation -- I got a false sense of interest from the public while on maternity leave when random strangers would come up to me in the mall, on the street, at the grocery store, wherever really and comment on my little ones and then strike up a conversation. See it's not entirely my fault! I have been led on and now that I have a taste of it I cannot stop! And hey, in your defence, Kathie Lee, the audience did laugh each time so why not keep the stories coming?

But, why are men immune to this? I watch my husband and he does not fall prey to this practice. He's very proud but he talks about cars and sports with his friends and maybe a bit about the kids -- but not to the same indulgent extreme as me. This brings me to my next point. To all the moms who exercise restraint I applaud you! Really, I do. I am going on record as saying you redefine what it means to be a supermom because it takes a lot of strength to not be a victim of this behaviour. But I have to admit it also makes me wonder why not? Why aren't you telling me about what happened at dinner, during bath time or in the car on the way to school? And so again I pass judgment but this time it's for not sharing enough. Sorry I can't help it -- I'm human.

This is why, Kathie Lee, I am issuing a public apology to you. You were right. I was wrong. In fact, the only thing you're really guilty of is being one of "those" moms just like me.

P.S. I'd love to get an update on Cody and Cassidy and how they are doing now? Please tell me -- I'm ready to listen and I want to hear your stories. We now have each other.

Sincerely, Me