06/24/2013 12:17 EDT | Updated 08/24/2013 05:12 EDT

Why I Love Kim and Kanye's Unusual Baby Name

Just like new mom Kim Kardashian, I too have children with unusual names which is why I think North West is perfect. In fact, it's genius given the last name. It's so extraordinary it's exceptional. I applaud it.

I never thought I'd think it let alone admit it in writing but, I can actually say "I am Keeping up with the Kardashians."

No, I don't mean I am caught up on all the episodes of the hit reality show. Nor am I referring to any butt lifts, botox or bikini parties. My life in comparison is very boring. Instead I am referring to their choice of baby name.

Just like new mom Kim Kardashian, I too have children with unusual names which is why I think North West is perfect. In fact, it's genius given the last name.

It's so extraordinary it's exceptional. I applaud it.

Why not?

I don't understand those who don't like it, unusual baby names is nothing new -- or maybe it's that they don't understand what naming a baby is all about these days.

It's not as simple or as easy as it used to be, but granted that's our fault. In a society full of over achievers and self-declared trend setters, it's no surprise rules are being broken in delivery rooms everywhere by stepping away from long standing traditions of naming sons after their grandfathers or daughter's after an aunt. There's no lineage or logic anymore and the handcuffs are off.

Kim and Kanye are the perfect example of that. I mean a name that starts with the letter K would have made sense with mom and dad, grandma Kris and aunties Khloe and Kourtney all rocking the letter. They even had the media convinced with early reports suggesting they were going to name their baby girl Kaidence Donda West. The middle name of course is for Kanye's late mother.

But, they didn't do that. No tradition or tribute here. In fact, they went in a totally different direction, pardon the pun and they're not alone.

So many parents these days are going another route with some even hopping on a plane (figuratively speaking) in the hunt for the perfect name potentially hidden in languages and countries completely foreign to them.

Plus, with mixed marriages at an all-time high in this country, finding a name that's universal only adds to the challenge.

Having gone through this four years ago and then again two years ago, I get the pressure AND the thrill of choosing a baby name.

I must admit revealing my children's chosen titles was as exciting as telling everyone I'm pregnant. Even though, at that point it's too late if they hate it, the reaction from those who loved it was validating and rewarding.

It meant I half accomplished my baby naming goal, proving a baby name is as much about the kid as it is the parents.

I wanted my child's name to represent me and my hubby's personality, story and history. Plus, I wanted the name to represent traits I want my child to possess ie: strong, sweet, unique. The thinking of course being if it's in their name they will become it.

Time will tell if it's mission accomplished but for now it's good to know the club of kiddies with "weird" names has one more -- baby Nori , but she's not the first famous member.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban raised eyebrows for naming their daughter "Sunday," after their favourite day of the week.

Then there's Suri Cruise. The birth of this little one had many taking ownership over the origin of this suddenly famous name at first, proving parents Tom and Katie clearly veered off the beaten path in picking it. Turns out it means many things, "Princess" in Hebrew, "Red Rose" in Persian, it's another name for the Hindu God Krishna and it's also a Japanese word for pickpocket.

And there's many more: Gwyneth Paltrow's first born is Apple; Jay-Z and Beyonce's bundle of joy is named Blu Ivy: Adam Sandler's girl is Sunny while Macy Gray's is Happy and Forest Whitaker's little one is Ocean.

But, the name that's getting almost as much attention as Kim's selection, in conversations about so-called "crazy" celeb baby names since Nori's birth is Uma Thurman's little one.

Now almost one the actress' baby girl is named Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson. With five names plus the nickname Luna the only explanation ever given is that each name has a special reason and meaning.

As do all names. Today's baby names still have meanings, representing something or someone. In my case even hope for the future. The only difference is they're not what we're used to.

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