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When Celebs Put Their Jobs Before Victims Of Sexual Assault

Many artists represented by Just For Laughs loudly denounced Harvey Weinstein. But there's nothing on Gilbert Rozon this morning.

I've heard these women's testimonies. These women — some were only children when Rozon allegedly slid his hand into their pants.

I've also read the stories of the men and women who were allegedly harassed by Quebec media star Eric Salvail.

Just For Laughs comedy festival founder Gilbert Rozon speaking to members of the Canadian Club, Montreal, Que., Oct. 5, 2015.

Girls, guys: you are strong.

I have heard Martin Cloutier, one half of the comedy duo Dominic et Martin, say that Rozon won't earn another penny off him. He'll never again participate in anything to do with Just For Laughs.

I heard my boyfriend say the same thing.

Courageous. In solidarity.

But the others? All these comedians working for Just For Laughs, represented by this company, who have the opportunity to denounce the conduct loudly and clearly — will they dare stand with the victims rather than with Rozon?

Because, you know — Just For Laughs isn't just a festival. It's also TV, DVDs, shows, conferences ...

And Gilbert Rozon is the president of this group.

Total silence. Are they waiting for someone to tell them what to do and say?

Even if he steps down from his duties, he will still be the president of the organization. Check out the Registraire des entreprises.

When you buy a ticket for an artist represented by Just For Laughs, you are giving money to Rozon. When you watch a TV show produced by Just For Laughs, without realizing it, you're giving power to this company, which is still controlled by a man who has allegedly preyed on people.

Where are all these artists represented by Just For Laughs? Go on the Just For Laughs website and check out the artists' Facebook pages. Nothing. They don't even mention the subject.

Total silence. Are they waiting for someone to tell them what to do and say?

Because let's not kid ourselves — money makes the world go round. If you say something against Rozon when you're part of the Just For Laughs "family," it's a betrayal. You risk losing big. You risk no longer being part of the family.

Take a look for yourself. These artists represented by Just For Laughs — and there are a lot of them — loudly denounced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. But there's nothing on Gilbert Rozon this morning.

Rich Polk via Getty Images
Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

And that's exactly why victims take their time before coming forward.

Because their peers, their friends, their colleagues will not support the victims if it will hurt their own work — if it risks them losing their jobs or upsetting the boss. People would rather go on their merry ways at work rather than defend the victims.

This Just For Laughs story is the proof.

The people working for the company are silent. Even the women — nothing. They should show solidarity, in spite of their employer.

Everyone would rather maintain a good relationship with this company than protect these women, these victims.

But these victims are not their daughters.

And if it was their daughter being molested by Rozon? Their wife who had been penetrated by their boss?

How would they react?

Would they wait quietly before saying Gilbert is an aggressor, and that they will no longer allow him to make money off of them?


But these victims are not their daughters. So they remain silent and wait for Rozon's team to tell them what course of action to take so as not to tarnish the company Rozon created.

And they obey.

Because they don't want to lose money.

Because money makes the world go round.

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