06/03/2013 10:41 EDT | Updated 08/03/2013 05:12 EDT

"Drafted" Recap: Auditions for The Score's Next Sports Broadcaster

Well, that's all folks.

In-person auditions for Gillette's Drafted, the search for Canada's next sports broadcaster, are over! Done! Of course, you can still submit video auditions online but your chance to impress people at The Score in person and get a precious golden ticket through to the Top 24 is gone.

This audition weekend was very different for me. Instead of sitting at home with a coffee, piece of cake and holier-than-thou attitude (that someone eating cake out of the container has NO business having) watching videos on Drafted's official YouTube page, I switched it up. I actually went to sit in on the live auditions. Taking place at the Toronto Eaton's Centre, I was allowed to sit directly behind the monitor and watch hopefuls take their trivia tests with Matty Drappel, banter with Jackie Redmond and rant directly to the camera.

I have to admit that being there in person, at the Drafted booth, with all kinds of random passers-by stopping to watch auditioners say their rant in front of a's pretty daunting. I had a deep underlying fear that, in an effort to give me a taste of my own medicine, the producers were going to make me to do my own rant in front of the camera. Thankfully they didn't. Watching contestants go up, hands shaking and voices rattling, it made me feel a little bit bad for joking about it here the next day.

Then there were those super cocky people who had nothing prepared and were boasting about their sports knowledge after just having scored 10 out of 20 on the trivia test. In case you're wondering yes, I did take the quiz and yes, I aced it with a score of 19 out of 20. And yes, you bet your ass I cheated heavily. Hey, I'M not here to get a job!!

It was a really fun experience and I even got to film a quick video with Jackie and Matty after it was all said and done. Maybe seeing the process these poor Drafted hopefuls go through will make me a better, not-so-snarky person. But honestly...probably not.


Shari Leavitt (Rant Topic: Toronto Bandwagoners)

Shaaaaari. Oh Shari. I wanted to like you as soon as I saw you walking towards the camera. You're pretty, really well dressed and super watchable. And you know what? I did like you! You were so comfortable in front of the camera. And that hair. So shiny. However, you talked a lot, about a lot of stuff and only mentioned the tiniest number of athlete names. I'm on your team girl, I just need a little more research behind it.

Matt Hayes (Rant Topic: Social Media in Sports)

You guys all know that there's nothing I appreciate more than a guy who dresses well. But dressing for the right temperature is also a very important trait to have. Matt was wearing a really nice purple combo of a shirt, tie and sweater but the sheen on his forehead and upper lip was a little all too noticeable. Plus, do you even watch The Score? Too dressy, fancy pants.

Dilan Avila (Rant Topic: Playoffs)

Baby face alert! I'm not sure what the age cutoff is for Drafted but I'm sure Dilon is cutting it close. He is so damn adorable, I can't even take him seriously. His look as a whole is a little distracting can I put this lightly...a little Pauly D. Lose the hair gel, the eyebrow ring and facial hair and we might have a little something to work with. Don't mind me if I use baby talk and coo at you though...

Jamike Njoku (Rant Topic: Superfans)

I. Love. This. Guy. Not only is he a total babe but he comes right out and says that we're all probably looking at the winner of Drafted season 5. Usually I hate that kind of arrogance but Jamike says it so earnestly that I actually said "Aw". He pulls an awesome schtick where he grabs a random guy from the side who has his face painted with a maple leaf and chats about his fandom. So instead of a rant, we get an interview. Way to switch it up and into my heart Jamike.

James Preaston Rogers (Rant Topic: UFC)

I was worried about this guy. He was so damn muscular, I thought he might just flinch and crush the microphone in his hand. I have no idea what James' background is but I have a feeling that if he was to ever sit behind a desk to talk about any sport involving muscles, people watching would think he was the expert opinion. Besides his enormous arms, James has a face that I really liked and big blue eyes. I'm sure in time I could even get on board with that ponytail. Maybe.

Jordan Yates (Rant Topic: N/A)

"I need to rant about something? Pass." And with that declaration, this guy became my hero. I can't even begin to tell you how many people came without a rant prepared. Guys were doing their speech on the fly and it was totally obvious. Jordan, on the other hand, once he realized what he had to do, decided to go against the grain and instead chat about playoff scenarios. It wasn't all that good but it was different and I give major nonexistent points for that.

Kevin Murphy (Rant Topic: Sports Coverage)

Watching Kevin audition, I was reminded of a character from an old episode of Law & Order. I don't remember which one but I'm positive he was a serial killer on it. So it's fair to say this guy already had the odds stacked against him. But then he included the over usage of paisley and stripes on broadcasters and just like that, I loved him.

Emily Jameson (Rant Topic: WNBA Draft)

First of all: amazing hair. Like just the best. I'm taking away major imaginative points because I'm insanely jealous. Kidding! Emily has the softest voice I've ever heard but don't let that fool you because she is naming names and even quoting athletes. I like her immensely and am so damn happy that the women are bringing it in Toronto. Seriously though, that hair. I'll be in the bathroom shaving mine off because there's no point anymore.

Quick Hits:

-Anthony eyes for days.

-Coming out with a busted up Achilles heel, Yan Attuah is hard as nails.

-'Grinds my gears'? Really Jermaine Murray? You're better than that dude.

-Allan Rajadurai looks a little terrified in the thumbnail of his video but then is kind of comfortable in the video. Weird.

-That's a great damn suit Andrew Corvy. Respect.

The search for Canada's next sports broadcaster continues. Next up the Top 24 will be chosen. Keep it locked on my Twitter account for my predictions and recaps once the show starts.