07/10/2013 01:30 EDT | Updated 09/07/2013 05:12 EDT

A New Holiday For Alberta

Here is a link to the recent report in the Edmonton Journal by Ian Gray "How Tweet it is to be followed by you - Alberta politicians see Twitter as latest battlefield of ideas" where it is first revealed (I never knew this) that an ex-Tory staffer used an alias on Twitter to make public the infamous "Lake of Fire" blog by Wildrose candidate Pastor Allan Hunsperger. (Yes, alias means using a fictitious name to hide the truth.)

Wow, why would anyone want to hide the fact that they had to troll through hours and hours of Pastor blogs (the blog they used was from a year before the election) before they could finally find something that they could "hang" the Pastor with and scare the electorate. Especially to create a news story, that had absolutely nothing to do with the political platforms of either the Wildrose party or the Alberta PCs.

What made me really mad and sad was, not whether the Alberta PCs or the Wildrose won or lost, but that these political dirty tricksters were willing to discredit and make fun of, in the eyes of the young people of Alberta, the "whole Christian faith", "Lake of Fire" T-shirts and all, for the sake of political gain.

Sure, some sanctimonious and self righteous Alberta PC MLAs will probably write back to say that it was important that they should do this so that they could win the election.

Well, the election is long past and we all need to lighten up and work together for the common good. I have to congratulate Premier Redford and her MLAs, and Daniell Smith and her MLAs for working very hard to help bring flood relief to Southern Alberta. We are a small province of only a few million people and our politics should be much less partisan and much more constructive in the future.

With regard to lightening up, I read an article in "Mad Magazine" recently that suggested names for new holidays and I thought that this one was particularly appropriate for Alberta:

"Voter Remorse Day."