02/13/2013 07:39 EST | Updated 04/11/2013 05:12 EDT

Lighten Up for the God Girl, Akiane

I call any girl that knows her Bible really well and is a Christian, (and there are lots of them) and/or a girl that God teaches how to paint and gives poetry, (and there is just one of her), a God girl.

Akiane Kramarik is really good at the latter, all apparently without reading the Bible, and has sold her paintings for millions. Go figure. At least Akiane, nor anyone in her house, had ever read the Bible. And by then her parents knew something was up, as she painted these incredible Biblical themes, including Jesus Christ, and attaching a remarkable poem to each painting, nonetheless.

All apparently, without ever reading the Bible, to know what it says, like in Hebrews "In the past God spoke to our ancestors through the prophets at many times and in various ways, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom also he made the universe..." Akiane even painted Jesus as a teenager and no one has ever done that before. I know all this sounds fantastic and unbelievable, but so is life, so go ahead, and look at her paintings on the web and judge for yourself.

Akiane has appeared on many interview shows including Oprah, but here is a link to a good interview by CNN

I first learned about Akiane when my 19-year-old son gave my 10-year-old daughter a copy of the book "Akiane, Her Life, Her Art, Her Poetry" three years ago for Christmas. And sure, I have time and I read the book. It's amazing.

You can Google Akiane, and see all her paintings and interviews on the web, but like I said, an original would set you back a few hundred thousand to a million dollars. So, obviously God's plan for her life is that she is not going to be a Christian missionary living in poverty. Akiane is about 20 years old now, and perhaps she is going to live a normal life with her repertoire of paintings and poetry being the miracle that happened. Or perhaps the miracle will continue? I don't know.

Akiane has made her paintings free for everyone to see on the web, so enjoy. Here is a link.

But what you might not see, unless you get her book, is her poetry. And so here are some "reviewers highlights" from some of her poems, that are my favorite.

From Akiane's Conversation With God (age 7)

As I am waiting for you I get covered in dust

But why are Your gates always higher than us

Would you tear the tears from my salty fists

When questions question the questions

I see your hands without the wrinkles, bones or veins

Just the maps, just events, just the worlds, just the time

I see the waterfalls full of songs under stairs by Your feet

The poems whisper by the millions from your mouth in rhyme

Above the time love wraps infinity

Inside the time love brings the man

Alone with pain everyone get humbled

Out of the hurricane the rainbow reaches like a hand

Richard Dawkins can write book after book on why there is no God and how everything is instead the result of just-so evolution stories, including the transcendence of consciousness for the will of thoughts and ideas not made of atoms, if he wants to. But then does God ever laugh, and just teach a little girl how and what to paint? (Even Eve? He said just blend all the races.) And so lighten up for the God girl, it's an interesting question, don't you think?