03/25/2013 06:11 EDT | Updated 05/23/2013 05:12 EDT

Can We Buy Our Freedom: Wilberforce Said Yes

Here is an essay I wrote encouraging Christians to support the Child Benefit Payment. If nothing else, please watch the video at the end of this essay, by a Canadian doctor. I have never met her in person, and I do not know if even she would support the Child Benefit Payment. However, in this brief video, everything that ever need be said, about the abortion issue in Canada, she said. So let's learn from her and go with her suggestions.

I do not want to vote for him, but I can appreciate President Obama, the leader of the free world, wanting to protect the hearts of women, by referring to America's abortion experience, as a woman's personal health choice. Surely, if this is what we thought we were doing, then Christ's words stand out here, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." It is true, we can not turn back the clock, and it is true that Christ heals. But God, America needs a new vision for the future, and could it be the Child Benefit Payment, and all the sacrifices it would take, of all the people, to make it happen? Could the politicians, and all the Christians of the world be politicians, bring us this vision:... the playgrounds of America and Canada, filled with laughing, playing children, and all the people, sacrificing whatever they can, with their pocket books, to help offset the economic pressures to elective abortion. Turning the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the children to their parents, and all the women, courageous and strong, filled with the holy spirit of God.


Our committee, would like to propose the Child Benefit Payment of $10,000 to every mother, per child to help offset the initial nonmedical expenses of giving birth, such as food, shelter and clothing. This is similar to the Quebec Child Assistance Program, only our proposal is in the form of a lump sum payment, whereas the Quebec program is in the form of monthly assistance.

It misrepresents the heart of Christians and like minded secularists, for our Government to fund only the elective abortion decision and not fund equally a program similar to the Quebec Child Benefit, to help offset the initial daily expenses of giving birth.

We understand the popular view is that everyone should be free to choose when, if and how many children to have, and that this is their own responsibility, it is a woman's health choice, even to the point, sadly, of acquiescing to sex selection elective abortion.

The Christian view, and even the secular Christopher Hitchens' view, is different; (here is a link, Christopher Hitchens was pro-life). it is that life happens and that we should love them both and celebrate life. The proposed Child Benefit Payment does just that; it celebrates life by helping offset the initial daily expenses of giving birth, helping women and children, without infringing on anyone's rights in any way.

We call the Child Benefit Payment the Wilberforce funding, in honor of the great Christian statesman William Wilberforce, who in 1833 committed the government of England to spend 20 million pounds sterling to buy the freedom of the slaves. To actually purchase, from their owners, the slaves, to set them free. Surely Wilberforce is a great Christian hero who changed our world forever and for the better.

As Christians today, we see a new form of slavery emerging in the modern era; and that is our slavery to the economic pressures to elective abortion. Just as Wilberforce fought through storms and storms of opposition to commit his government to buy the freedom of the slaves, as Christians today, we intend to fight through storms and storms of opposition, to commit our government, to buy our freedom from the economic pressures to elective abortion.

As Christians today, we get to choose the topic we will be famous for, that we will be remembered for, and it is this; when people are in need, we are willing to take out our pocketbook and really help. We believe, the proposed Child Benefit Payment is a great way for all people, to join with the Christian heart, to help stay back the fear of the economic pressures of elective abortion, and celebrate with us, the birth of every child.

On this issue, I can sincerely say to President Obama, that I have some more experience, for I am already a grandparent. After seeing my grandchildren, if I were President, and I could bestow a gift of $10,000 on every child in America, I would. Funded in part by the savings in the costs of elective abortion. And considering hospital overhead, can any operation in America or Canada really cost less than $10,000?

And let Alberta, Canada lead the way. One way to start, is Alberta could put the equivalent of Wilberforce's 20 million pounds sterling into a one time Child Benefit Fund. Then, any woman that could use a little help in offsetting initial child expenses could apply for the $10,000 funding. For other women, who do not need the funding, by not applying, they would be letting the fund last longer, as a way to help others. This may not be the universal funding at first suggested, but it is a start. And as they say, everything good, begins with one step in the right direction.

Let's all be great grandparents to the next generation of Canadians, and change things for the better in lots of ways, but start with this, this gift; the Child Benefit Payment.

P.S. Here is a video by a Canadian doctor, speaking from the heart. May all the kind and dear hearts amongst us, and I believe that is the majority of us, listen to her, and walk with her in prayer, in the months and years ahead, for Canada.