03/11/2013 02:27 EDT | Updated 05/10/2013 05:12 EDT

Easter's Cross and "My Way"

I may be writing this a bit early, but just to let you know, the Easter holiday does come early this year. Friday, March 29, 2013 is the federal statuary holiday. Many churches in Canada will be holding special Good Friday services and special Easter Sunday services as well.

Here is an analogy of the cross. The vertical aspect of the cross represents our relationship to God. The horizontal aspect of the cross, represents our obligations to each other to love and protect. We all fail in our obligations to each other to love and protect, and this is a real problem. And so, with regards to the Easter account, perhaps God is saying, what if I send my Son, to bear these sins, will you forgive? Will you pick yourselves up, and dust yourselves off, and go forward together, united as one. And do this in the name of the One, who did it, MY WAY.

This analogy of the meaning of Easter may not be perfect theology, but the Bible does emphasize that it is as important that we forgive each other, as it is that God forgives us.

"My Way", is of course the title of the song made famous by the legendary Frank Sinatra. And apparently "My Way", is still one of the most popular songs to be played at funerals across North America. Just as an amateur, I wrote Christian lyrics for the song.

I know that the Biblical Easter account of Christ bearing our sins on the cross and rising from the dead on the third day is fantastic, incredible and hard to believe, but so is life. If you are skeptical, that's OK, even the apostles did not believe it at first. And "doubting Thomas" would not believe it until he saw the "holes in His hands".

But this Easter, please remember, Easter is much more than just one of "Life of Pi's preferred stories".

For example, the famous Christian husband and wife team, Mark Burnett (the producer of the TV series "Survivor"), and Roma Downey (the angel from the TV series "Touched by An Angel") have together produced the great TV Mini Series "The Bible", premiering recently on History Channel. Not because the Bible is their preferred story. But because that's the way, they really believe, according to the evidence, world history came down. (You know, it feels good to be able to say that, in a Huffington Post blog nonetheless.)

Easter is serious hope for the human race, that is based on real historical evidence. And since, none of us are perfect, it appears to me, that a redeemer who loves us, is really practically necessary after all. Otherwise, our failings to love and protect, are never really forgotten or forgiven, by each other or by God.

There is a certain kindness and forgiveness in Easter, so please, enjoy the holiday, Happy Easter, and here are a few of the lyrics.

My Way - Christian Version

I learned, when I was young, the accounts of some

Kind and dear writers

They told, how God had come, to teach us all

What really matters

To love, the God of life, and learn from Him

The good and kind way

And more, much more than this

To learn forgiveness