05/06/2013 03:46 EDT | Updated 07/05/2013 05:12 EDT

Global Cooling?

CBN News has covered a report by a group of Russian scientists, that, based on their research on sun cycle activity, they predict "global cooling."

There is an appropriate response to this news story, and it is not for the liberal media to dismiss this news and the Christian Broadcasting Network as "politically incorrect" and so unworthy.

The appropriate response is for government and university climate change scientists to "peer review" the Russian scientist's data and report back.

Similarly, it is appropriate for the general public to assume that the Alberta government and other governments, by investing in global warming carbon dioxide taxes / green energy initiatives, are doing what they sincerely believe to be in the best interests of the people of Alberta and the world. Based on the best scientific evidence, available to them at the time. Just because the government has possibly made a sincere mistake, should not be a "game changer" on who you vote for.

The science of climate change is complex, no doubt. Here is a recent article, "Climate Scientists Struggle to Explain Warming Slowdown", by Reuters environment correspondent Alister Doyle. Doyle explains that it is not well understood today why global warming has slowed down over the last few years, even though carbon dioxide emissions have increased. But note, in this report, Doyle is also careful to emphasize that the majority of climate studies, still predict carbon dioxide induced global warming, other factors being equal.

And so what should be a "game changer" in deciding who not to vote for? If we can expect both the government and the opposition to make reasonable decisions based on the latest scientific evidence. How about, in the interests of reasoned public discourse, "Name Calling."

The opposition are intelligent capable people, and given the same scientific data, will make the same good decisions as the government. The opposition are there to keep the government "on their toes" and honest. But for some politicians to engage in name calling, for example, calling other people "climate change deniers", as if the other people were ignorant and stupid, is a disservice to reasoned public discourse.

What some politicians do not realize, which is good, is that name calling "smokes them out" and betrays them as arrogant and mean. And so let's not vote for them.

P.S. CBN News has reported the fact that carbon dioxide is "plant food" and that it is erroneous to label carbon dioxide a pollutant, like any other, as if to ignore the complexity of its beneficial effect. My point is that CBN News is not right, just because they are Christian, and that CBN News is not wrong, just because they are Christian, either.