01/27/2013 01:13 EST | Updated 03/28/2013 05:12 EDT

Kathleen Wynne, Congratulations To The New Ontario Premier

I appreciated hearing Wynne say that Ontario must soon return to balanced budgets and I believe as a woman of sexual diversity, she has the gravitas to be taken seriously. Simply put, people need to willingly do more, and government needs to do less, for the good of Ontario and Canada, to achieve a balanced budget.

As an evangelical Christian, I would vote for Wynne, evaluating her on her policies and abilities, not her sexual orientation. I believe God loves Wynne, just like God loves all people, no matter race, creed, colour or sexual orientation.

Why then does the Bible counsel against homosexual relations? I believe it is for health reasons, for the reality of the increased risks of AID's and STDs, that exist in nature, not as "punishment" but as microbial reality.

I would hope Wynne would join with Catholics and Evangelical Christians in counseling young people not to engage in sexual relations outside of marriage because of the increased risk of AIDS and STDs and that sex is best saved for marriage, so that as much as possible, children can be conceived in a loving home environment.

We have Gay Marriage in Canada, but we also have to have a vision for the importance of young families with children as doing the hardest most awesome job in the world. A vision that knows a 40% divorce rate is way too high, and that high school kids need to be taught conflict resolution skills to help keep marriages together, because divorce hurts both the parents and the children.

And Premier Wynne, I have written Shaw cable and repeatedly asked them to stop selling hard core pornography on Video On Demand, right where kids play and shop for movies. I repeatedly asked them to make Shaw VOD a Family Safe Zone, like Apple itunes, where young families with children are built up and encouraged, and there is no pornography, but Premier Wynne, they won't listen to me; maybe they will listen to you?

God bless and all the best.