02/25/2013 07:53 EST | Updated 04/26/2013 05:12 EDT

Leagalizing Pot?

Paul McCartney was recently reported as saying he is going to stop smoking marijuana so he can be a better parent.

This should give us pause for reflection. After all, Paul McCartney is very capable, creative and even brilliant.

What about all the rest of us way down here, who have bought and admired Paul McCartney's music for years? What should we do to be better parents?

But that's not my point. Most of us are average, responsible people. We can "handle it", we can "have fun without excess", we can "drink and smoke and watch whatever" and still be good parents. But some of us can't. How should we care about them? Should we give up some of our rights for their sake and the sake of their families and children? That's my point.

All of us know some people who are "At Risk". They are good and kind people, but they just appear not to be able to take anything seriously. Their enthusiasm for life just appears to take everything to excess. You know that if you give them something, with which they can hurt themselves and others, ten to one, they will hurt themselves and others, because they are not careful. And so, do we really want to throw the fuel of legalized marijuana on their fire?

Perhaps we should be willing to give up some of our rights for their sake. Perhaps it is the least we can do, for the least of these.

Ditto for hard core pornography, but here the problem gets worse. We all know some people who are just mean. They are bitter, mean and violent. Think about it, should Shaw Cable, by mainstreaming porn sales, be throwing the fuel of hard core pornography onto their fire? No. We should be willing to give up some of our rights to easy access to hard core pornography. We should be pro-active, and ask Shaw cable to stop selling porn; stop throwing fuel on the fire of people who are bitter, mean and violent, for their sake and the sake of their victims. Telus has gone through some of these issues and appears to have handled it better than Shaw.

Shaw, however, still advertises the "benefit" of their discreet billing on their "Adult" web page.

" * Discreet Billing

Save yourself the hassle of going to the video store. Shaw Pay Per View has a lineup specially designed for adult tastes. Shaw provides discreet billing to ensure your privacy."

Enough is enough. Ask Shaw to stop. Really, it's the least we can do, for the least of these.

And we all know someone or have heard of someone, even youth, who feed themselves dark and violent entertainment, over and over again, until they crack. And so of course America should not be selling semi-automatic assault weapons to the general public. And the people of America should be willing to give up some of their rights to these weapons for the sake of those "At Risk". And so come on America, ban these guns. It's the least you can do for the least of these.