05/31/2013 06:19 EDT | Updated 07/31/2013 05:12 EDT

Avoiding the Unintended Consequences of Morgentaler's Life's Work

At the passing of Dr. Henry Morgentaler there has been a lot of recent news reports, on the history of abortion in Canada. But will someone please tell "her story?" A great group, Back to Life Canada, has done just that, and whether you are pro-life or pro-choice, you owe it to your country, to listen to "her story", Lisa, Jennie, Tasha. These women are so courageous, that with hind site, we have the privilege of looking back and seeing "her story" and a whole "new story."

"Her Story", is all about the unintended consequences of Morgentaler's success in having the abortion laws in Canada struck down to avoid the real tragedy of "back street abortions." The unintended consequences are that women who did not want to have an abortion have been pressured into it by people who "did not care", and who did not have to bear, the regret.

This issue is so painful, I have to say this right away. I believe, God loves all the women who have had abortions and will heal them, and, Lisa, Jennie and Tasha, who have all had abortions, believe this too.

Sisters, teach your sisters to protect their hearts, and if their hearts are broken, teach them that Christ heals, only heals, and forever heals.

The unintended consequence of Henry Morgentaler's life work, is that now every woman in Canada feels the economic pressures to elective abortion. And so please come to this conclusion Canada, and establish a Child Benefit Payment of $10,000 for every pregnant woman, to help offset the economic pressures to elective abortion, without interfering with anyone's rights, in any way.

Every woman in Canada is like Lissa, Jennie and Tasha and deserves to be worth this help, if they so freely choose, in this way.

With the Child Benefit Payment we loose nothing, and do not bring back "back street abortions." With the Child Benefit Payment, we just say "we care", and drown out the cacophony, of those who don't.

The feminists and Dr. Morgentaler have saved women from the tragedy of "back street abortions." But now it is time for the feminists, and the Christians and everyone, to save the next generation of Canadian women from the tragedy of the economic "and other" pressures to elective abortion. She is worth it.

And so Canada, let's write this new story together, Liberals, Conservatives, Wildrose, NDPs and Greens, religious and secular alike. It is not just about the money, it is about dedicating the importance of marriages too. Because a 40% divorce rate is way too high and is hurting the parents and the children. And so let's have a great new effort to teach the kids in public schools, the conflict resolution skills needed, to help keep marriages together.

Because this is our Canadian heritage of freedom informed by ideals. This is Canada's and the world's bright and morning star. This is the promise, of a new morning, of a better day, for us all.