11/05/2013 05:57 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

#SWOP2013 - Helping the Third World and Ourselves

#SWOP2013 stands for State of the World Population, a UN report that focuses on the mistreatment of young girls in the Third World as forced child brides. And somehow MP #nikiashton and the #ndp are turning this into a demand for Canada to fund abortion clinics in the Third World. OK, I have a different viewpoint and I tweet a lot. For what it is worth, here are a few.

#edchat Ok, why not ask for a Child Benefit budget of $4 billion to support, in the third world, saving marriage for maturity and support all young families with children, who are doing the hardest, most important job in the world. And at least deal with the unintended consequences of elective abortion in Canada before trying to export them to the third world. Talk to the thousands of ladies in Canada who did not want to have an abortion but were pressured into it by a lack of finances and/or people who did not care and did not have to bear the regret. At least support the Child Benefit payment as real help for Canadian women, when it is needed and wanted, without interfering with anyone's rights in any way.

Here is a beautiful true story of adoption, told beautifully. Let's live this way. It can make all the difference.

John Elefante, "This Time"

#wrp #wrpagm #cpc #lpc #ndp #onpoli #epsb #ecsd #yycbe #yeg #yyc Hi, I am trying to get all political parties and school board and municipal councilors to support The Child Benefit Payment. #ChildBP

It misrepresents the Christian heart for our government to fund only the elective abortion decision and not fund equally the extra non medical expenses of giving birth. Especially considering the now well documented situations where some women, who did not want to have an abortion, were pressured into it by a lack of finances and/or by people who did not care and did not have to bear the regret. Although these have been the unintended consequences of abortion rights, these negative effects are well documented and merit our attention and relief.

Therefore, be it resolved that we enact a Child Benefit Payment of $10,000 for every pregnant mother to show that the people of Canada and Alberta in general do care, to offer this assistance in love, and not bias the decision in favour of elective abortion, by funding only the elective abortion decision.

In this day and age there is no need to, and we should not, bias the playing field in favour of the elective abortion decision by funding this exclusively. So let's fund the Child Benefit Payment equally as well, for any woman that would like this help, without interfering with anyone's rights in any way, and in this way, show that the people of Alberta do care to give help and assistance and encouragement, to have the baby, whenever it is needed and wanted.

Here is a link. Avoiding the Unintended Consequences of Elective Abortion

Be brave. If you are an active constituency association member, you are the game changers this province needs. Please tweet your comments and suggestions to #ChildBP