09/03/2013 05:09 EDT | Updated 11/03/2013 05:12 EST

Syrian Refugees, Invite Them to Canada

As the debate rages over the R2P (Responsibility to Protect) and the possibility of US military intervention in Syria to punish the Assad regime and his Iranian supported Hezbollah fighters for the use of chemical weapons, against ethnic minorities, there exists one thing we can do today to really help.

We can invite Syrian refugee families with children, to emigrate to Canada, with a little assistance. Many Christian churches already have outreach programs to immigrants. And as a country, I always admire Canada, for having some of the best playgrounds in the world, where the sound of laughing, playing children, is God's way of saying, your are doing OK.

People are a resource. Canada will prosper.

But more importantly, we will have made a real difference for good in the lives of many people.

CBN News did the really politically incorrect thing. They asked representatives of the Christian minority in Syria, what they thought about the possibility of US bombing, and they said it might make the situation worse.

And making the situation worse, is the one thing no one wants to do, except perhaps the Government of Iran, with their documented hate speech, that is so offensive to reason and the common good.