08/28/2013 11:26 EDT | Updated 10/28/2013 05:12 EDT

Martin Luther Had a Dream -- Not a Plan

Fifty years ago today Martin Luther King said these powerful words: "I have a dream."

Strangely enough he most definitely did not say "I have a plan." Language sends a powerful message. Yet somehow in the world of leadership and business today these words have been amended to "I have a plan." Authentic leaders have a dream and they espouse this in everything they do, with their whole life, liberty and how they pursue happiness, for themselves and others.

Regardless of good or challenging times they conduct themselves on a high plane of dignity and discipline. They know that the situation can and will be changed, and more explicitly, they know their role within this in minuscule detail. They change the climate simply by altering their actions and interactions as are required. Not losing their integrity, but raising it by demonstrating the ability to assess, plan, implement and evaluate with flex.

They act unto to others as they would wish done to themselves and shoulder their share of the burden when challenges arise or when blame is to be apportioned. They realize that they do not walk alone. Why? Because they know the strengths and limitations of themselves and their teams; as individuals and as a cohesive; valuing both perspectives comprehensively. Living the view that all men are created equal, they acknowledge the strengths of all. Yes even the security guard who mans the building and the administrators who daily oil the cogs and keep the whole machine operating effectively.

Think of any leader you know worth following and ask yourself the question: Are they daily espousing their dream or their plan?

Dream first, and then plan execution of the dream.